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Buyers keep changing their mind



i have a big problem,

before i got to support i thought to get advise from you friends.

i have a buyer who ordered me to create website banner a week ago.

its been a week and i still making changes to the banner and the buyer just dont stop making changes. apparently buyer dont know what she need. everytime i made a chane she says “wow its nice” then again after few mins she says “can you change blah to blah blah”.

so i have made over 15banners for her. but still not stop changing. i cannot do this further i spent lot of time on this order. i just cant cancel the order. she might leave negative feedback. even i get bad record for canceling the order. :frowning:

buyer need to know what they need. so i can create that for them. if the design is not what he/she needs then its ok to change 100times. but this one just dont know what she need.

anyway to get rid of this mess without harming buyer and without affecting me?

thanks all


Here’s what you can do. Put up in words clearly that buyer should be clear with the requirements. Stress on what they want, tell them to have some sample image ready where they can tell you they want banner like this or that. get everything cleared first before they order. less clarity more conflict. so if you are getting buyers who are just interested in making you do stuff by not being clear, you have to force them to be clear, it may be 5 bucks for both of you but time is valuable currency which is wasted from seller side more than buyers side. Get them to clarify their requirement. If you stress on that then they will start to cooperate.


Thanks for quick response,

in this case this buyer did not contact me prior to purchase.just ordered the gig and asked me to do the banner. then i asked the the requirements, she told me her requirements. so i created and delivered. she was happy :slight_smile:

then the fun starts :stuck_out_tongue:

she needed to change the banner again and again.

here is the thing friend. i do not like to mean to buyer. i just want them to get service from me and end with a smile.


Nobody likes to be mean to the buyer. We are here because of them after all. :slight_smile: But when it comes to business, you have to be professional and set the record straight to what you can or can’t do. If you think being blunt about the service even at 5 bucks is being mean for buyer then you’re missing the point. Being blunt about what you can do is for setting the limits for the service for five dollar. The reputation of fiverr outside is like - “people over there can do anything for five dollar”. When the buyers talk like this outside behind out back, then opportunistic wolves are hungry to take advantage of every seller here. So you have to be bold in your offerings. Otherwise buyers can mentally harass sellers all the time. Being professional and sticking to the offering and clear on requirements saves the time for you, buyer and customer support.

If I learned anything from doing freelancing, then this is what I think I learned. Just saying :slight_smile:


Here’s what I would tell her for your next delivery message:

"Please see the attached for the revision you have requested. I try to make sure that my customers are satisfied with my work. As you may know, we have both spent a lot of time on this project and unfortunately, I only get $3.92 per $5. Because of this, I request that if you’d like more revisions, please be clear about everything you’d like me to change. Any further revisions after that will require a new gig to compensate for the extra time spent. Thank you for understanding! "

This way, you’re warning her that she has one more revision she can request and it’s not a smack in the face to her in the event she wants something changed but she’s thinking, "Oh, it’s ok. I’ll just ask the seller the next time he delivers."

Oh, and I would DEFINITELY change that “unlimited changes to ordered task.” That’s pretty much asking for extra work (like above). I would always recommend putting a limit to revisions and you are always welcome to go over it but when you encounter a buyer like this where you don’t want to work on the project any further, you can at least fall back on your revision policy.


tell her if she likes you to make a new banner she should pay you another fiver, tell her the requirements was $5 per banner and you had made her 15.

next time write in the description something like “for each banner you have a maximum of 3 times to ask me to improve it or pay another $5”


Reply to @rinchan86: There goes Rinchan86. All diplomatic and well stated! (Especially when what you really want to do is pinch their heads off) :stuck_out_tongue:


@cheezees @madmoo You guys caught me. :stuck_out_tongue: Being behind the computer can conceals lot of emotions. Some people should be thankful technology has not advanced to the point where we can reach through the screen and well…pinch their heads off. Haha!


Reply to @rinchan86: Ha! :slight_smile:


You need to set out boundaries before people buy your gig. Perhaps in the description you can just say “Only [number] revisions included” and make the number fairly slow. Then you can surprise people by giving them one or two more revisions and they’ll be happy and give you good reviews.

In sales, you always want to set low standards to the customer so they are pleasantly surprised and you get money and the customer is happy. :smiley:


This suckssssss. I know how you feel - I sometimes experience this.

Most of the time I can’t bring my self to say ‘yeah sorry no more modifications’. But in the end they usually forget about it / stop.


Reply to @rinchan86: Amazing and just perfect. Thank you soooooo much for this idea. :smiley:


Thumbs up for every friend for attending this topic and leaving their valuable comments.

you are the best of best.