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Buyers keep requesting changes and I'm out of office

I’m taking a 2 week break from fiverr to enjoy some of the very short summer we have. I completed all my orders - everything was marked complete. And then I put my out of office on with a message and my return date. The next day I have quite a few messaged from past buyers (it turns out if you’ve dealt with someone before they don’t get the out of office bounce back message that I’m away) so I sent a quick note to them that I’m out of office until the 15th of August. Today I have 2 buyers asking me to do revisions on orders that were already marked complete. one messaged me 5 times while I was sleeping - even though I sent her a message that I’m out of the office. I don’t want to leave her hanging, nor do free work for these revisions. And honestly this is partly why I’m taking time off. what would you do???

Hi, Sarah! :sunflower:

I’d politely explain that the order completed as per your gig description. Any further revisions will result in a :x: amount fee. If the revisions are small and not too technical, maybe knock it quickly? If not, just send a gig extra to complete the revisions. Personally, I don’t like to leave a client hanging; I’d much rather deal with the issue to move on to the next.

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