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Buyers leave feedback for your sellers

So…I have a serious bone to pick with buyers who do not leave feedback for their sellers.

It’s so rude.

Believe it or not, reviews really do help sellers get more work and establish ourselves on this platform. The least you, as a buyer, can do is take 15 seconds to click a certain amount of stars and type a few words. Not that hard.

I HATE when buyers just take the work and don’t leave any kind of feedback.

I had a buyer who refused to leave any feedback until she wanted me to cancel a project that had been marked as complete THREE WEEKS AGO with funds released to me. I asked her several times if there was anything I needed to modify. No response. :frowning:

I asked for her to mark the work as complete and leave a review if she was satisfied. Nothing. :confused:

Then three weeks later she comes back, says she can’t use the petition I wrote, and threatens to leave a bad review if I dont cancel the work and refund her. So you can leave a review NOW but not THREE WEEKS AGO when I asked if you wanted any modifications.

I always go above and beyond for my buyers, but there are limits. :expressionless:

  1. The assignment was marked as complete THREE WEEKS ago. If she wanted revisions, she should have said something prior to that. I reached out to her several times and got no feedback.

  2. Even if I COULD have cancelled an assignment that was already marked as complete with funds released to me, I WOULDNT HAVE and I didnt. It’s ironic that she ignored my requests for feedback, but then threatened to leave a bad review if I didn’t bend Fiverr’s rules for her. :rage: I blocked her after that.

In the end she left a bad review, but I can live with that. I worked with another seller who was amazing and left me a GREAT review, along with a $20 tip. :slight_smile:

Buyers…PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW FOR YOUR SELLERS when the work is completed. I, like many sellers, work hard on this platform. If you’re getting high quality work, the least you can do is take a few seconds to leave some feedback on your seller’s profile.

Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. :grinning:


I agree with you that it’s rude to not leave feedback, or come back several weeks later demanding refunds or changes - “or else!”… Luckily I haven’t experienced the latter, but no feedback is something I experience every single week.

I work very hard to satisfy my buyers. In all deliveries, I make I also insist that the buyer must not hesitate to get in touch if they need anything changed or fixed - even if they didn’t include any revisions in their order. My buyer’s satisfaction is something I strive towards, and when I work for several hours on a project, only to be left with no starts, no review, no thank you, I feel it’s rude.

I guess some buyers just won’t look at the stranger on the other end as a person. Don’t get me wrong. 99 % of my buyers are great, and sometimes I’m sure they just forgot to leave a review.

I agree with you - PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW FOR YOUR SELLERS. Positive feedback is always great, and constructive criticism helps us evolve and make better services for you in the future.


All my reviews are five stars, except for one three star. The comment the buyer left with the review was “I didn’t know what I wanted.” Is that really my fault?


LMAO wow! Yeah that’s absurd. “I didnt know what I wanted” :rage:Well, maybe you should’nt have ordered a gig…:joy::angry:


You bring up 2 different points.

An issue you had with a buyer and some advice for buyers.

I definitely agree with you, feedback is priceless!


They really need to come up with a new model I guess


Right?? I think some buyers assume I’m a mind reader!

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Wow. Amazing… Didn’t know what he wanted… Too bad he couldn’t give himself a 3 star review! :joy:


We can review buyers too, but i don’t think I’ve ever given a bad review. I don’t want to look bad or petty.

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Thankfully it seems as though it hasn’t affected your overall rating!


It was a long time ago, so my rating has definitely gone up!

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I don’t see it as rude.

Honestly, the customer paid for a service. It’s our job to deliver that service. Feedback and reviews are great, but that’s not part of the contract.


So, I will say that her asking for revisions and then threatening to cancel is a bit much. I’m sorry that happened to you :frowning: As far as leaving reviews though, it is annoying, but I can kind of see it from the buyer’s perspective. I started out as only a buyer on this site. Before I ever thought about writing for other people and I was working full-time, I came to fiverr to have some book covers made. I never left reviews. I had no idea how much it affected sellers. It took me a couple of orders with the same person, before I was like “Oh wait, this seller is awesome. I should leave her a review.”

At first I was just so excited to have my book covers. I downloaded and then went back to marketing my books. I was just happy to have what I needed. I think that’s how a lot of buyers feel. They feel that payment is all required of them, and that leaving feedback isn’t all that necessary. They’re just happy to have what they need.

Now that I’m a seller I see how annoying a buyer I was though :stuck_out_tongue: I wish all of my buyers would leave reviews.


Well it should be. Sellers work hard. The least a buyer can do is take a few minutes to leave feedback. If you’re not going to do that, then don’t come back later and ask for favors after the work has been marked as complete.


I agree.

Showing appreciation is never part of a paying job but it’s a courtesy that speaks volumes.


Well, you’ve got the point. But from a buyer’s POV, I will often don’t leave a review if the products are not great as described. Why? No review is better than a bad review for a new seller. And the other expericence with the buyer, feel sorry for that! :frowning:


Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Why is it rude not to review?

Buyers exchange money for service.


It’s rude to not review for the reasons I stated in my rant (assuming that you read it). Many other sellers agree with me as well.

If you as a buyer are recieving good work from a seller who worked hard, the least you can do is take a few minutes to leave some feedback.

It helps the seller, especially newbie ones. And if you’re not going to leave feedback, then don’t return weeks later asking for favors.

Rude buyers are awful.

Yes, I read your entire post, the whole thread - matter of fact.