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Buyers leaving less than 5 stars too easily recently?


I’ve recently noticed that even though I have delivered the orders earlier than the deadline (up to two days early) and offered revisions, advice, help etc and though the buyer was happy with what they received, they left me a somewhat unfair review (3.5, 4, 4.3 etc). I’ve also noticed that these are mostly new fiverr members (up to a year since they joined fiverr). Also some buyers ask/demand to get stuff for free (like 24h delivery) and are not very happy when I inform them that they can add that as an extra to their order so they leave a 4 star review.

Now for them it may be just a chance to be a bit strict and move on, but since I’m making a living here I’m worried it will have an effect on my level and future sales. I’m also not allowed to question the buyer about this as this is not allowed.

Does anyone have a similar experience and what do you usually do about this?
Thank you


I got a 4.5 recently from a new to fiverr buyer. He put 4 stars for the last one, would he buy it again.

I think they need to change the wording on that one. If someone gets a gig from you why would they buy it again? At least that’s what they are asking and they probably don’t need to buy it again.


Depends on the gig, for example I have a gig in which I offer Facebook ad design. In this case someone can buy again if they want to run another campaign in the future.
But generally I think new buyers don’t realize how important rating is to sellers, I had someone message me once telling me that they were super happy so they rated me 4 stars.


Yes new buyers do that. I have a similar incidence when a buyer on my consultancy gig given 4.4 rating. When i asked him he said “I didnt know its that much important or hurt your gig credentials”.


What can be done in this case? I tried having a quick response reminding them to just leave a review (since I don’t feel asking for 5 stars is good for me as a seller) but looks like I can’t do anything else. It’s against TOS to ask a buyer why they rated me like this or ask them to change that when I think it’s unfair and I’ll risk my account if I do that. And I’m afraid as time passes and more and more new buyers check my reviews and see these 4.5 stars, it gets easier and easier for them to assume a 4.5 star rating is a good rating for a seller. Heck, once I had someone leave me a 4 star because I “delivered too fast”!


It could be the app bug where they are using the app and try to leave five stars and it comes out as 4.3 or 4.5 or something so you can ask if they meant to leave less than five stars in a very polite way.


I thinks its allowed to ask buyer for revision of their feedback through resolution center.


even i also noticed the same thing! and will work on my gig so that buyers leave a feedback to my inbox too as suggestions and advice


It’s the Yelp effect. I understand their users are discouraged from leaving 5-star reviews. Until buyers spend some time on Fiverr, they don’t know how unusual a 4-star review is around here.

Fiverr will always have somewhat inflated reviews (compared to Amazon or Yelp for instance) because it’s so personal. It’s easier to give 3 stars to a mediocre toaster or restaurant than it is to down rate a human being. And that’s as it should be. I would be crushed to get a 3 star review, as hard as I work to deliver excellence.