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Buyers leaving low rating but good review

Does anyone else get like a 2 star or 3 star reviews but it says excellent job.

Ive had a few orders where ive gotten a message saying amazing job well done but gave a 2 star review?

Does anyone write please give me a 5 star review as it really helps when they deliver their order i was thinking of doing but then i thought it would just be a bit forward as they can rate what they want.


No - sellers shouldn’t ask for a 5 star review.

I can’rt see any reviews on your profile with a low number of stars and a positive comment I’m afraid - am I looking in the right place?


I’ve accidentally left a lower star rating for a seller. They messaged me to ask why I left a nice comment, but low star rating. It was only then that I realized I made a mistake. Things happen, I guess.


You can change the review if you wish.


I did :grin: but I wasn’t aware until the seller notified me.
Guess my fat thumbs couldn’t tap the correct number of stars. Lol


Well, I just did. It’s actually top of the list. A 3-star rating with the words: “good work dear thks …” 3-star is quite neutral and wouldn’t appear if you choose to search using the negative reviews tab.

@shaunacardwell: You can respectfully ask them why the “contradiction” in ratings. You can ask if they were really happy with your delivery or what can be done to improve. Or, you could just leave it and move on. A 3-star is not recorded in the system as a negative so it really has little impact.

BTW: I once had a buyer leave a 3.5-star rating (or 4, not too sure) because I delivered a little late. She was satisfied with the delivery, though. I never bothered to ask the problem 'cos I was well aware of what it was. Could it be something of that nature?


Hm - didn’t see it when I looked earlier, but well spotted! :slight_smile:

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No it wasnt late, actually earlier than I usually deliver but hey its not the end of the world!

It surely isn’t. The comment plus the other great reviews you have will overshadow the 3-star rating.


you can find an option in the left side where it says

“Resolve Order”

From there you can request to change the review.

I have did that few weeks ago


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