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Buyers Leaving Negative Feedback for Cancelled Orders


Isn’t possible? Well, I’ve just had one…

A buyer placed two orders. One was fine and I completed it. The second was asking for more than I offer and I requested the extra payment. The buyer ignored me at first so I started the mutual cancellation to request the extra payment for the extra words on my rewriting gig. The buyer then mutually declined because he didn’t want to cancel but refused to pay the extra so I had to mutually cancel again. The buyer then went into the gig that I had previously delivered and left negative feedback about the cancelled order!

I know that it was disappointing for him to have an order cancelled but he makes it sound like I’m lazy for not doing the extra work and it can be very confusing for other buyers since I completed the work - hence why he was able to leave the feedback. Not only that but he contradicts himself in the feedback by saying it was just 14 words over when it was just short of 150 words over but writes the number of words in each article; all of which were over the word count.

I’ve contacted the buyer to try and get him to change the feedback to comment on the actual work I delivered but I don’t think he’ll change it. I’m contacting Customer Support since it was unfair feedback and not relevant to the order that was delivered and completed. At the moment Customer Support are unwilling to remove it because the buyer could always leave it again. Right now I’m unsure what to do. I don’t like leaving a negative but I really dislike people lying and leaving incorrect feedback.

I understand that this guy was upset about me having to cancel the second order but I gave him plenty of opportunity to buy another gig. This is a business and that is the way that I run it; I wouldn’t expect another company to give me something extra without paying for it. Up to 50 words over the limit then I tend to do it but not more than that; it takes up extra time from my day.

I was fuming when I found out this but now that I’ve got all that off my chest, I can get back on with work and focus on buyers who have paid the right amount. I have one buyer who gave me extra and ended up cutting his order down instead of paying the extra, which is fine by me. I think I will work on that one now.

I just wanted to put the warning out there that it is possible for a buyer to leave a seller negative feedback after cancelling an order - they just do it through another order and it makes it very confusing.


Support have now removed it but there is still the possibility of the buyer leaving it again. Now it as if feedback hasn’t been left at all so there is a chance that it could be added again - I’ve starred the order so I can keep an eye on it. If it is left again, I guess I will have to leave an answer to the situation.

However, while Support have removed it, they made it sound like I have done nothing to try and communicate with the buyer. I’m thinking they have a script that they need to follow but it would be nice for them to look at the situation and leave words on the case…never mind though, it is sorted for now.

I mainly wanted to warn others about the possibilities of a negative even when cancelling a different order.