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Buyers, Let me tell you a little something


I recently had an order for my about us page gig. Now my gig, when you order it, it givess you a survey to fill out. This survey is very important for me to create the about us page that you need. So when you completely neglect the survey and send me literally 3 sentences of information, I honestly don’t know what you expect. Your about us page is supposed to be about YOUR WEBSITE OR COMPANY. It is not your sales page. I can’t just make things up out of thin air, because it’s false advertising. So if you can’t even bother to follow directions, don’t bother buying any one of my gigs.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Yes, I’ts mandatory and I make that clear.


Are you sure your “instructions” are mandatory on your gig? When I’ve gone in to edit my gigs they have been marked as “optional” - and I surely never changed it.

Is the survey in the required instructions that have to be submitted before the countdown starts?


I do a lot of press releases and I ask for specifics because they are not articles they should be about an event. I had to cancel on one person because they gave me a super large order at below my price (this was back when I was nice) and after I got the gig, I was given additional instructions with 6 klugey keywords on 20 different companies, and told to come up with my own news. Any time I tried to ask questions the person was like, “Well, just make something up”.

If there is nothing on the ABOUT page it’s impossible. About pages are the most essential page on an entire website and studies have shown they are what people read first after the home page. Very important stuff.


I’ve found it helpful to break down the questions into several requirements, all mandatory, if you haven’t already done so. I had just one requirement for them to fill in all the information, but a few orders in it gets pretty apparent some buyers need some more hand-holding!


I feel your pain! I also offer “About” pages and it can be tricky getting buyers to supply the necessary info. I found that including numbered instructions (i.e. 1. What is the name of your company etc…) that buyers are able to digestible them easier and I get the information I need. However, there will always be buyers who outright refuse to offer info because either:

A) They do not care about the website you’re writing for (they are outsourcing the content)


B) Clearly have no idea what they are doing and ultimately it doesn’t matter what I come up with.

You just have to decide if it’s worth the headache to work with them.

Good luck!


Reply to @harmich: Frustrating. If it happens often, maybe an option would be to add wording to the effect that if the survey/instructions aren’t filled out with sufficient information, you will extend a mutual cancellation.

You may get slightly fewer orders, but it should also encourage people to only order if they are prepared.