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Buyer's love a personal touch!

No long rant or bullet points here, just a few quick and simple tips that I often get complimented on from my buyers.

We all have that auto-response that gets sent whenever someone decides to hire us, and it serves its purpose. But over the past few months, I’ve made a point to send a personal message to each and every client after they’ve ordered. I personally introduce myself by my first name, thank them for the order, and if applicable, try to comment on some aspect of the order that is interesting (i.e. I write a lot of product descriptions, and quite often get hired to write about coffee, so I may mention a favorite brew I’ve tried recently). Clients love the personal touch, and the conversation makes them feel like more than just another customer.

Also, in dealing with clients, I try to avoid the term “customer” when working with them. “Customers” are faceless entities that buy fast-food hamburgers and T-shirts at the mall. “Clients” are in need of a specialized service, and work hand-in-hand with the seller to create something unique, a solution to a puzzle that they’ve been looking for.

great tips

Absolutely true. Many of Sellers have left 5 Star Reviews mentioning the Customer Care dimension of my services.
When you give a personal touch the buyer feels more secured and you encapsulate his attention and trust at once. Most of my repeat buyers constantly appreciate by friendly behavior and professional service overall.