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Buyers making their own bundles


I think every seller knows the frustration of this…

A buyer places an order and says something along the lines of “since your gig covers this much, and I only have this much, I thought you could do something extra for me…”

And then they proceed to list things for you to do to “make up” for their lack of words/content/etc.




Yes, I hate these people. I used to have a buyer who would break down all the writing on their site (6-7 pages) into 50-word chunks which needed 300 words or more of content to really say what the client intended them too. I’ve also had buyers who order videos and say that they are ordering a 30-second video but actually want a 1-minute video but they don’t need a soundtrack so this makes the price which they have paid okay.

No. Go away. You failed as a reasonable human being the minute you said your enthusiastic “Hello” and I already hate you and all whom you might spawn from your inconsiderate loins in future.


it’s hard to say but buyers have the right to do that
because it on your gig
that is why you should input your gig correctly and briefly


No, buyers do not have the right to make up their own extras and tweak the services we offer as sellers.

All my gigs read $5 for up to ____ words.

They do not read: “If you have less than this many words, feel free to come up with a bunch of other stuff I can do for you as well.”


In you gig
ADD " Message Me first"


I can’t expect every buyer to strike up a conversation. In fact, that would waste a lot of my time. My biggest complaint is that when buyers do this, it still always counts as a failed order against the seller.


If possible, I wouldn’t cancel orders like these. A wise woman who used to frequent this forum often (until her banishing to outer cyberspace) once said something about invoicing buyers after delivery for excess work done.

I am not sure if she had an actual system for this. However, when I think a buyer innocently asks too much (i.e. I think they genuinely don’t realize that they are asking a lot) I send a message with the final delivery saying, “Hi, just so you know, because of your order requirements etc etc, this took a lot longer than a standard gig (then I explain why) therefore please contact me for a custom quote next time.” - Something like this anyway.

9 times out of 10 these buyers leave a tip and this covers any extra work. What I definitely don’t do, though, is send messages like this to people who I think know they are taking the pee. These people I contact asap to say, “Ere! What’s all this like yer cheeky sod!”


That’s an excellent idea. It’s a shame she was removed from the forum, I always enjoyed reading her posts :slight_smile:

I try to work with buyers whenever possible, but there are always those who are clearly just trying to get extra for free. If they seem pushy/abusive/hard to please, I cancel (and then visit the ranting pot!).


Another thing you can do is raise your prices. I was HUGELY against this but bit the bullet in December and set my minimums to $10. Ever since then, I’ve had a huge lift in the quality of clients I get. Also, I was just pretty astounded to see that you have over 3000 reviews and easily one of the best writing profiles which I have ever seen on Fiverr!

Double up Sydney! Spare yourself the $5 junkies! - That said, in my experience, raising prices did see me shed half my usual orders for the first couple of months but that was also my fault for getting 4 ‘order canceled seller failed to deliver on time’ reviews in a row. - All my bad.

In any case, raise em! The dollar has already plummeted 6 cents since the new year. As well as working for a 1980’s minimum wage, you will therefore soon have hyperinflation to deal with. You can’t afford not to respect yourself more, Sydney!


I second this method.

When you do it well then a reasonable buyer will respect it. All you are doing is communicating value to the buyer who may not know what is involved in doing the job. Most people will appreciate it and thank you for it with tip. Make sure you are not asking for extra money though, just explaining what went into the job.

Honestly it is incredible the difference between $5 and $10. I would LOVE to set my translation minimum to $10 but everyone has a standard number of words per $5 so it would make me look twice the price, even if I doubled the words.


Thank you very much :smile:

I said I would raise them last month, and the month before that. On the new year, I added my in-depth gig with the plan of eventually phasing out my basic gig (which is the gig I started with on Fiverr).

However, this is part of my reason: Everyone goes in $5 increments.

I could lower the word count instead of raising the price, but it annoys me that the URLs of my gigs would still show the original word count (does that matter?) and starting brand new gigs would mean starting with no reviews (so I won’t do that).

But, I know I have to change them sooner or later. Might as well get around to it, right? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I get that but honestly, I dont think it would be an issue. The odd client who sees it you can explain that you increased prices or perhaps offer a special deal if you really want to. You can also tell regulars to message you for a custom offer before ordering if you want to give them preferential rates. One of my first buyers still does that now after 18 months!
For proofreading and editing, I don’t think it makes a huge difference for me anyway. I focus on larger orders rather than smaller as I think the small ones take much more time anyway when you consider the additional messaging involved.


Eoin, firstly, I never ask for extra payment for work. I am very careful how I communicate with well-intentioned buyers who have demanded a little more without realizing what they are asking.

i.e. I had a buyer last week who kept on asking for revisions on a video due to their script changing. I got to three, delivered the latest version and said, ‘hey, just so you know, even a change of text on one scene of your video requires at least half an hour rendering time. In this case, please note that I will be happy to provide another revision FOC but after this, I will need to charge $5 as per the terms outlined in your original order.’

Short story, yes they needed another revision as their script changed again and yes they got it FOC. However, this person’s total order came to $25 and after they were happy they left me a $20 tip. In no way was I begging. I just recognized this person as someone who had genuinely good intentions but perhaps didn’t understand just how much work was going into their order and I gave them a friendly, ‘look, your starting to take the pee.’

This is why I only ever do this with genuinely well-intentioned buyers.

As for you too being afraid of the big bad over $5 benchmark, don’t be. The push for me came when I had 2 huge orders which I couldn’t deal with and decided to outsource. I hired a TRS writer and a non TRS writer with more reviews than me, (all of which were fantastic). BOTH then delivered me absolute garbage and the TRS persons work even came up as heavily plagiarized. In fact, I have since dealt with another TRS who seems to be an, ‘I’ll copy and paste this and substitute a few words here and hope that everything is okay’ kind of writer.

Now, I am nowhere near perfect. I do deliver work with spelling and grammatical errors occasionally. (Not intentionally and these are always corrected even if the buyer doesn’t notice but I do). However, when I saw what some other ‘writers’ were delivering for $5, I simply thought, you know what, it’s not about word count, it’s about quality. More than that, I don’t want to work on a platform where my prices are set the same as people around me who are actually delivering absolute garbage to their clients.

Of course, this sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet a bit but really I’m not. You’re a keen businessman, Eoin. Don’t hold yourself back because of an idea of what people expect in regard to word count. Instead, put yourself ahead of your competition by saying, ‘hey, with me you get the word count but you also get something genuinely readable. - You just have to pay a little more for real quality.’

Honestly, do it. Expect a possible drop in sales, tell your best regulars that you will be happy to work for the same prices as usual for a while (but not indefinitely), and to quote the man with the worst hair in the world. “beautiful things will happen.”


Sorry, in my comment it looked like I was suggesting that you might ask for extra cash! What I was doing was endorsing what you said and adding something extra to it myself as well as being conscious of others who may read it and think it means “ask for more cash when you deliver” which is never a good idea!
I had a similar situation for an SEO consultation where they ordered the basic gig. Having gone through the site, there was very little to do with their content that needed to be fixed so I explained this and offered to add some of the Standard gig work at no extra cost to ensure they got their money’s worth. They ended up giving the difference ($25) in a tip!

The other reason for holding back with upping the minimum on the translation gig is for samples. Often people order a $5 gig and then come back for a bigger one, without even telling me. This is the advice I give to buyers on the forum and on other sites so I like to leave the option there for them. It’s not price per word that I want to change, I’m already towards the upper end of the spectrum on that, its the minimum order that I would like to change.

Blowing your own trumpet is not necessarily a bad thing, when the difference is as stark as you describe then you simply have to say “Actually, I’m definitely better than that”.


This honestly does not surprise me. When I first joined Fiverr, some notable TRS sellers reached out to me to outsource their work to. It helped me get started, so I am very thankful. And, I obviously do good work, but when they’re reaching out to brand new sellers…it can go either way :slight_smile:


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Alright, I finally changed my price scale this evening. Let’s see what happens (If I don’t freak out and change it back! Old habits die hard…) :grin: