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Buyers messaging me in message secion after order purchased


hello some of buyers respond me on messaging section even after purchasing the order they dont reply me in order section so i always use message section for contact buyers is that a against to TOS??


You need to keep asking your buyer to continue the conversation on the order page. Else ask him to cancel the order.

Because Fiverr will not provide support for any conversation that takes place OUTSIDE the order page.


thank you for the info


In the order, there is message section that we use to talk buyers. But if your buyers are messaged you in inbox I think this is not against TOS :slight_smile:
I talk to my many buyers in inbox section but in case talk to customer support


It’s not against TOS to communicate on the message section even after they place an order. But it is safer to use the order section just incase things go wrong. Not required but preferred.