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Buyers misbehave

Sometimes I really feel that buyers need to behave nicely with us. They may forget it is sellers business and we own it. We are not their employee. We work on Fiverr and Fiverr cut the commission

Yeah, its right without buyers how can we run our business. that doesn’t mean they will just behave with the sellers as an employee.

I got a really harsh experience from one of my buyers :frowning:

I had same cases with some buyers I reported them to fiverr CS sometimes they blocked there account sometimes they did not take any action! and replied like we can not force buyer to cancel order etc.

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I just cancel one because his behave and said take your order back. He replied this seller is terrible, coward. :smiley:

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mostly new buyers do this
in past year i had 2 buyers like that

First i tried to communicate with him like you should learn some manners and of speaking and discipline

and then i take screen shot

tried to mutual cancel some times they do sometimes they declined

they unfortunately i need to knock the door of CS team :smiley: to block them and cancel the order

while having this issue 1st time with me in 2015 :smiley:

i just got panic and said my client i through $$ on your face then i realized i did wrong
and then i tried to change my way of communication :smiley:

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