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Buyers misusing Cancellation Policy

For the last 6 months, I am observing some buyers are ordering multiple gigs from different buyers for the same project. They compare work and cancel the orders which they don’t find useful.

It’s really easy for buyers to cancel orders and get a refund but we invest our time, efforts and enthusiasm.

Isn’t the Fiverr cancellation policy unfair to sellers? Now buyers learn Fiverr very well, they are misusing Cancellation and Review System heavily.

What’re your thoughts?

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Did that happen to your personally?

Yes It did happen to me.
One buyer was in a hurry to get a plan. We postponed other projects and started working on his project, we didn’t charge anything extra for fast delivery.

But when the delivered project, within a few mins he asked to cancel the order. Normally it takes min 1 hour to understand the data that we provide. It includes strategy, budget, keywords, competitors data, ad copies…etc

Later on, I realize, he has ordered same thing from another seller also :slight_smile:

So sad

Then why did you agree to cancel?
You could’ve simply reject his cancellation request because in that situation he was not eligible to get it.

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True I should have done. it I thought he would irritate a lot and waste my time.

Thanks !