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Buyers misusing the cancel order button

Why do buyers misuse the cancel order button when its against fiverr’s policies?
I got an order from a buyer and i did everything as requested and everything on my gig description.
Buyer refused to contact me before placing and order and refused to answer any of my messages while i was working on the order. I did the exact job he requested for and submitted the order, now buyer is refusing to accept/reject the order deliver and just opened dispute and said buyer not qualified and was requesting an additional service not included in my gig description through cancellation page and not wanting to pay for additional service he is requesting for he opened dispute twice because he doesn’t want to pay me for the job i completed and refused to ask for revision.
And its against fiverr’s policy to cancel and order that has been completed according to requirements. Please check the attached file and pour in your suggestions and share your experiences.
Thank you.

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Well, that’s unfortunate :frowning:
Did you contact Fiverr support? I’m sure they can help!

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Thank you.
I have contacted them and am waiting for their reply.
I included a snapshot of their policy so they can see the unjust things buyers are doing to sellers.
This is the third time its happening to me. The first two times i was too naive to do anything because i was new and i didn’t know what i know now.


Always contact support if you have any problems, they are really helpful!
Please update us if you have anything new :slight_smile:

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Customer support didn’t even contact buyer or read my complaints.
They just cancelled the order and reduced my order completion rate from 100% to 67%.
Without any explanation.
Fiverr really doesn’t care about its sellers. They are only concerned about their cut.
They say they have policies to protect sellers but they don’t use it.
In a couple of days I will be demoted from level 1 to Zero.