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Buyer's Murphy law: if they say "I'll come back" they most likely wont

6-7 months on fiverr and without exception, every buyer that contacted me and didnt order right away, never came back. They usually say “I’ll come back”, “I need it in two weeks”, “I dont have it ready to send it to you” (requirements), etc.

I wonder if it is like that for other sellers? I hope not


Every law has its exceptions, even Murphy’s.

Amendment to Buyer’s Murphy law: If you send them a custom offer, make sure to set an expiry date.


Learnt this one the “hard way”


Good to know, i have never set Expiry date in my custom offers :flushed:

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If someone mentions this in my inbox, I ignore it. If they say it after leaving a review, they do usually come back for more work.


Yes, better keep that in mind. If they accept later … like weeks or months or years later :stuck_out_tongue: you 1. may have rised your prices in the meantime, 2. not have the time to do that order in the specified delivery time, 3. even not offer that service at all anymore for whatever reasons and also … it seems people can accept such “forgotten offers” even while you’re in out of office mode.


Well except for people who had no true intention to purchase something, and those whose life got in the way, usually when someone replies to your offer with “let me get back to you” means they need to think about something.

Usually it’s either price or they are not 100% confident they will get exactly what they need from your service.

I’m not saying that’s always going to be the case, but go through some of those conversations message by message to see where you could have replied a bit differently to make their insecurities go away and help them reach the decision.


Be sure to put them in possition with a text to satsfy the needs, and thats how i keep them coming back. from 100% who told me they come back, there was 80% coming back. It all depends on your skills and communication with a buyer


You are right, one or two of them are due to me not replying as I should have. I even noticed in the beginning hat I even replied without carefully reading all the bits and parts of the message. I guess you learn with time and you pay more attention to detail.

But the majority who seemed perfectly satisfied and OK with my answer and offer, never come back.

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Always read more then one time for customers req, its most important to them and it helps you to do the order, if you are able , or not. :wink:
If they see you reply ro fast or didnt understand 100% of what they asked, they will not answer you or tell you will come back later and never does :slight_smile:

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Wow, thats very good. 80% efficeency.

yes, experience plays a big part in that as well.

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Fiverr is a place, atleast i think this way.
LEARN AND EARN, it helped me to develop skills, be better at editing videos, and way to communicate with customers even on my daily job as videographer.

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Most of mine come back when they say the will.

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Oh, if I only had a nickel for every time they said that… :unamused:

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Yes, some of them came back but most of them never, some buyer contact, discuss
the order when I send custom offer they disappear and not accept it. These buyers are like the people who do window shopping.

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So how do make a custom offer have expiry time, cos have not seen that option

Hmmm, I think knowing the right words to put down matters a lot to make them trust inones service.

Good for you. Maybe I’ll get there one day.

But there is concern of the buyer contacting someone else if replying late let’s say 4 minutes after seeing the message

That option only exists for custom offers you make “out of your inbox” though, not for offers you send in reply to Buyer Request, unfortunately …