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Buyers, need their longer documents proofread

Buyers have longer document, to get proofread from a proofreader…

Suppose you have 5,000-6000 words documents proofread.

Get it proofread from a seller who offers more words, since his gig is new, and he has 100% positive rating.

I would love to edit your work! Simply send me a copy of your document, and I will make sure it sounds and looks its best! With just $5, I will use my wide experience to fix out every mistake that even some proofreader may unconsciously fail to identify. Order now, and I give you 100% assurance of maximum satisfaction on my service. It’s just $5, no additional charges and you will get a quality job done. Honestly, I am proofreading 5000 words for a limited period so that I get many sales and positive rating.

Now, its up to you, what you think.

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nice gig of yours