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Buyers need to contact seller before place order

hi there

if you are buyer you need to read description of gig first and then you need to contact seller and disscuss about all project after that buyer need to place order

following are some reason buyer must need to discuss about project befor place order

  • To avoid Dispute (some times seller not able to fullfill buyer requirment accoring to expectation of buyer)
  • To avoid delay (Some time seller not able to complete within time)
  • To confirm all need (Both can understand each other requrement)
  • To ensure all work able to do by seller
  • To enhance productivity (seller can provide 100% to order)
  • To provide best result

hope this information will help buyer as well as seller



If I could get 1 USD for every buyer on Fiverr who never has and will never go to the forum or click on the forum, I would be X millionaire. There is no way a buyer will ever get to read this post. I am a long term (over three years) buyer, and yesterday was my first time even discovering there is a forum.
Plus, even if this is posted on the front page of Fiverr, 85% of buyers will completely ignore it.


@marinapomorac ok thanks

Hahahaa Good one :slight_smile:

That´s not how Fiverrs works.


ok and :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

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always welcome. :green_heart:

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