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Buyers needs samples before they order


Do anyone think this is a good idea?


At the beginning, I did a sample before order. But this day I do not need to show them a sample since they already trust me by looking at my gig page.
The idea is not really good if they want the sample of exactly what they want, but it is a good idea to show them a sample that you have done previously.


I agree with you thanks


I just ask them more information on what they want and show them samples of my previous work based on the information they provided.
I also let them know there are a lot of different samples in the gig portfolio if they want to get a general idea.
I understand some buyers are afraid to get scammed or not get what they want, so that’s why I prefer to ask them/discuss so I know what they like/dislike.
I don’t do samples on their specific work before ordering - I suggest a paid sample if they really want to see how it goes.


Show the buyer of some of your old work. I had a buyer send me a 1 hour audio and wanted a 15 minute sample before ordering. I only transcribed 10 seconds. The thing is that some buyers are after free work.


I love all your suggestion thanks a lot.


Be careful!

Unfortunately some people are out here to get free work.

I recommend sending them examples of your past work or ask them to start an order to see what you can do.

Best of luck!
:bulb: Joe