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Buyers needs to pay us for our time


Spoke with a client for about 3 hours only for him to say he will order later and he never ordered… Thought it was a joke at first… Hell no!, he was serious… We were busy discussing the details and description of the script he wanted, it took hours before we could come into conclusion because the buyer don’t really understand what he wanted…its bit frustrating… I couldn’t sleep on time, we started around 11: 45pm slept around 3:10a.m yet didn’t get the job… At times I feel like buyers need to pay us for our time as well… Some of them don’t value our time and commitment!!!


Why not create a gig extra for ‘Script Writing Consultation’, where you charge a 30 min or hourly rate to consult with a client using the messaging system? You would obviously not charge for the odd message back and forth, but if you can tell it’s going to be long-winded, you would be able to point them to the gig extra. Then it’s up to them if they wish to continue the conversation with you, and know that they have to pay you for more of your time.


You have to learn how to get the order with few messages, most of the times (in my case) potential buyers that ask a lot of questions doesn’t place any order, this is not always the case but what i learned here on fiverr that you have to go straight to the point with a couple of mails or send a custom offer quickly with all the infos that she or he needs.


Thanks for your piece of advice…I will make use of your idea, I think that would as well save my stress…


Spent more than a year dealing with client on fiverr… This buyer clearly don’t know what he wanted, it will be dangerous for me to quickly send custom offer to someone that doesn’t even know what he wanted… Why send custom offer now and cancel later…?


I mostly tell my client accept and attach necessary info/details in the order page and most of them do…I just can’t do that to this guy, he might end up leaving a wrong description and you know what?? Seller pay the price for their wrong description!!