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Buyers Negative feedback


Hi sellers,
just curious to know how do you guys deal with buyers bad feedback on your work?? I do feel demotivate every time when it happens to me and started loosing interested to work.

Hope by taking your advice i can heal up myself.


If you think you’re doing nothing wrong, keep that in mind. We can’t please everybody, especially when it comes to something subjective (Eg; Buyers don’t like your design/writing style).

This doesn’t happen to me often, which makes me think a lot when I get one. But it’s more about reflecting my work ethics and how I can improve from there.


If buyer give negative review then your gig rank go down and then you will not get orders so try to make buyer happy to your work ask the buyer full requirement and then start your work


I got few feedback on my writing skill as they said grammar is poor tho and that. but most of the client appreciate my work. Now am feeling totally shattered and losing motivation to work :pensive:and get scared when I get any new work.


Would it be possible to go back to the client and ask them in a non-confrontational manner where they see the poor grammar and then correct it for them. I wouldn’t know good grammar from bad grammar, but if someone pointed it out i would say ‘show me’
You are feeling the way you are because you are too heavily emotionally invested in your work, so you take a negative response personally. That’s pretty common by the way and not so easy to separate yourself from. Unfortunately Fiverr as in life in general you have to keep kissing the frogs to find your prince. Maybe you could get back to the frog and ask them where they think you went wrong. This way you are being proactive instead of reactive and feeling like the victim.


I’ve seen that feedback on your gig, and your response that you check everything with Grammarly. Keep in mind that, while Grammarly can help in some cases, relying solely on it is a bad idea. Grammarly doesn’t catch all mistakes, and it can give false positives, too.


Thank you so much. Your word makes me calm.
But do you know every time I told them to mention which part they want to change and I made mistakes but the answer I got in a very rude way and many of them even said it’s not their job, its my job.
anyway thank you so much


Ok i will keep it mind


In that case Iffa if they are not willing to meet you halfway there’s nothing more you can do. Don’t turn their problem into your problem. Unfortunately you stumbled on a frog and they would probably have complained no matter what you did.


thnx sir. your every words are so on point


I have a repeat buyer who sends me all of the articles she plans to publish on her blogs to be proofread. By reading your reviews the buyers should be aware there are some grammar issues and be willing to go one step further and have them proofread before the buyer uses them.

I agree with Cat on this. Grammarly often says something I know to be correct is wrong and also something I know to be wrong it counts as correct. I use it more for punctuation. Even the spelling can be wrong when used in a way that Grammarly thinks is not correct. :wink: