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Buyer's Negative Review


Hey Everyone!
I recently (yesturday actualy), Recieved a review from a buyer that gave me only 4.4 stars.
I try realy hard to get back to 5 stars, and now it’s got far more away from getting back to 5.
I initiated a request, but meanwhile it seems she’s ignoring me!
What should I do about it?
Should I cancel the order?

Please help :expressionless::expressionless:


4.4 stars is not a negative rating at all.
You cannot ask people into giving you a 5 star.
Whatever the reason was, the buyer thought your service was 4.4, and again,
that’s not bad at all.
You can try asking why she didn’t give you a 5 and you can ask how you can
improve in the future to make it a 5, but that’s about it.

If you bug her too much, she might report you.


Hey zeus,
I didn’t bug her at all! I was very nice at the modification request! I offered her a bonus,
But she’s ignoring me…I’m not a person who likes to bug, but it’s disturbing, so much depends on those reviews!!! so even a 4.4 review can affect the whole gig’s pupolarity!


I understand that it is upsetting, but I’m afraid you can’t do much about it.
Your overall rating is 4.9 right now and the comments are good.
I don;t think you need to worry about it.

I personally would have no problems ordering a gig from you if I was a buyer.


Thanks Zeus,
That was a bit cheering up! :slight_smile: