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Buyers - NEVER give sellers your email or contact information!

I don’t understand why some buyers insist on giving their email or contact information. I have blocked and reported so many buyers because of that, including one just now. When you send your email or contact details and if we sellers don’t report you, we get into trouble. So please understand, never give us your email or contact info - that puts us at a danger of losing our account. Most of the buyers, like the one I got today, are not aware of these rules. They are just new and mean no harm. It’s really sad, but if you give me your email, I have no choice but to report you and block you. I feel so terrible because the buyer I reported just now seemed like a nice person, but he was new and didn’t know about the violation.


I had few times buyers that are leaving phone numbers on order page and tell me to call them if I have questions.

Of course I didn’t. I explained them about that and asked them question I needed. They didn’t answered at all. After I sent cancellation request, I got rejected and they told me that I am unprofessional, and all mean stuff.

And good thing CS is there for buyers like that…

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I feel to comment on this issues because I think it all depends on the task you are working on. Example, Fiverr has a file size limit that you can send bigger than that so the option buyer will have is to give you his email address.

Am a buyer and it is very annoying when seller sends you a file can not access. No harm when you request a file to be sent to your email. I think Fiverr have this system that a buyer and seller can send emails through thier system. It will make a thousand sense.

I always use Upwork as well, and the system is great that you actually have a video call with a seller. Sellers actually will send you thier skype details. It all about trust and Upwork has that kind of trust.

Is up to the seller to use his judgement when it comes to this. You only explain to the buyer in a nice way but not to cancel the gig because they buyer then looses the fees he paid. This is not rocket science. If someone felt to work with you, don’t make him feel a loser.

I know, that’s why I feel terrible about it. But I don’t want to be punished by Fiverr and lose my account.


You can always use dropbox or similar for big files so you don’t need to share any personal info. You just need to send dropbox link for downloading

I think, as you said, that often buyers don’t know the rules. I don’t report them if they ask once and not again after I explain it to them.
Something simple like “Unfortunately it is against Fiverr’s rules to contact you outside of messages here. To make sure we can communicate properly, you can download the Fiverr app. It is easy to use and will notify you when I send you a message”.

It explains it simply and gives them an alternative option so it doesn’t cause a problem.


Yes, I should have done that. Given the buyer another chance. Big mistake on my part.

I think CS will look at it and realize that it was an honest inquiry by a buyer not knowing the rules.

Don’t worry, you wont get in to trouble for not reporting them.


thanks :slight_smile: I had no idea

Hey everyone… I’m new to Fiverr and just got my first request rejected last night LOL. A lot of what you were saying about us buyers not knowing is bang on! Here’s where I find there is a big disconnect… I decided to use Fiverr to assist with my marketing material. I’m a mortgage broker based out of Toronto, Canada and there are a lot of things that need to be on my marketing material in order to be compliant. Therefore I figured it would be easiest to provide my email and contact information. If I’m not allowed to provide this, is it okay that all my contact information is on my marketing material that people will be working on?

How do I go about placing a order but also providing all the information that I need on it?

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Question. How to avoid providing contact info when the job is to design a business card? By definition, a business card would contain the info…

Its okay no problem when you hired someone for designing brochures or business cards you have to provide them the details to be include into design. Its no problem and fiverr system understand such situation.

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OMG before reading this post,I was unaware of the fact that it’s essential to report such buyers otherwise we can face serious troubles :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

A buyer gave his email on my inbox page, Though already told him its against the terms and condition. Do i still need to report him?

Thanks man for such an important information. Personally, I was not aware of this info.

I am finding this problem as a buyer. I have to have a website made and the seller needs access to my godaddy acct. In order for me to send an invite on godaddy to give “limited access” to do the work I need the seller’s email. He said he can’t do that or he will be “banned” on fiverr but he is asking for my godaddy acct info so he will have full access to my personal info on there. So how is this suppose to work? Fiverr has NO HELP area to address this that I can see and no contact info to ask Fiverr. This seller has 100’s of reviews for this work too.
Any input please would be great!!

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Thanks,Its helpful and informative tips

such a wonderful tips…which almost unknown and care less .

can you not actually upload to a dropbox or external site and link that here to fiverr for download/upload if it’s too large to upload here? I am a frequent buyer on Fiverr and haven’t yet had this issue, but figure I’d throw it out there.