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Buyers never read the description completely


I offer a service where I go out and capture aerial footage while flying their logo or message

I offer a gig where weather plays a role when it comes to completing the gig. Even though, I always check the forecast every day and adjust my delivery date accordingly. Although these are only predictions to the weather I have to wait till the weather clears which extends the delivery time

In my description, it specifically said: “Please note that I do not control the weather.If bad weather occurs, the order’s delivery time will be prolonged. If in doubt message me first.” but the customer chooses to cancel the order and this reflects my rating :frowning:


Hmm I’ve seen a lot of people talking about this, my suggestion is maybe editing your intro video so at the end it shows a message talking about that exact point about the weather. Most people don’t like to read but always watch the video :). Good luck!


@jackyheshi A lot of it is reverse psychology as well. I have the same problem with my press release gig. Everyone wants an advertisement with back links, as if their press release is automatically going to be published in some magic place on the web that creates traffic to their website. I have to explain, no, a press release goes to the publication desk of some newspaper, and it MAY get published. My job is to write a headline and a brief description that wows some small town editor or reporter enough to run your story. No luck, I get even more people clamoring for a press release about their hair salon, their shoe store, you name it. People just want what they can’t have, and they thrive on mixed signals, just like children. If you tell them no, it means yes; if you put “Stolen from Sleepy Time Motel” on the ash tray, that means steal the ashtray. If you say you can’t control the weather, by god you better control the weather or I’m gonna be an ignant child and cancel on you!


In my opinion, your description is a little long. You can get rid of the following:

A unique service like no other sellers (obviously, you’re not selling SEO)

Speaks fluent English, therefore providing you a fast responsive customer support and keeping you updated throughout the process (I can already see that by the lack of spelling mistakes and grammar errors, so why say it? Besides, I can already see you’re from Canada.)

Level 2 trusted seller on Fiverr (irrelevant, I buy from level 1’s, 2’s, and TRS’s. If I’m not happy, I demand a cancellation.)

Special request? Send me a message first (why? Do you like talking to people and wasting time? It’s easier to cancel a bad order than waste time responding messages. Besides, if people have doubts, they will send you messages. )

So my final advice is to focus more on facts and less on fluff. You have a unique gig, you don’t need to fluff it. When you have floor-to-ceiling windows, you don’t write “oversize windows.” When a home doesn’t look like garbage, you don’t write “charming unit” or say it needs a little TLC. Facts always sell better, that’s my experience.

The easiest way to write anything is to focus on the 4 W’s and one H (what, where, when, why and how). That’s all your buyers need to know, with some exceptions.