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Buyers never seen online right after contacting seller

I don’t know if this is actually a bug or just a coincidence. Last month I raised my fees by $10, taking into consideration that this might slightly decrease the number of new orders and inquiries.

Since then, I only received 2 messages from potential buyers, despite my gig still being on the 1st page. The weird thing is that both these buyers vanished right after contacting me - I’m not even sure they saw my replies. It appears that they haven’t logged in since they messaged me (one for 28 days, and the other one for 3 days). Their initial messages and my replies haven’t disappeared from my inbox (as I read it happened with other bugs).

Had it been a singular situation, I would have assumed that that buyer wasn’t a regular Fiverr client and may have solved their task outside of the platform in the meantime, but having this happen twice in a row raised some questions.

Has anyone else encountered this recently? Is this a bug? Is it possible that the buyers might have actually been online and written back, and their subsequent messages didn’t appear?

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Its not a bug. And its common. I also found many buyers who message and vanished. Its also possible they completed their project by other seller

Yes, it is common for buyers to not answer messages anymore in case they picked other seller. But you can still see that they continued to be active on Fiverr.

What is weird here is that they never got online since the day they sent the messages. This made me question whether it was a bug and the messaging function was affected. If it’s just a coincidence, then it’s fine.

Thanks for your reply!

The online indicator is a bit glitchy, It also always randomly changes when you refresh the page for example, and says things like “last seen 45 minutes ago” even though someone sent you a message in the last 15.

But buyers also go “seller shopping”, if you know what I mean. Recently I had some rando do this with me:

Some buyers are never really potential customers to begin with.

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