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Buyers Nonsensical Modifications

As anyone had a buyer that hits the modification button right before the order is marked completed by Fiverr just to do it? This buyer is trying me nuts. She hits modification and thens simply says, “I’m not satisfied” and gives me nothing else. I try to engage her and I get nothing. What should I do? Does Fiverr eventually step in and help?

If she won’t tell you what she’s unhappy with, then there’s really no way for you to provide a modification. You’ve already done the #1 thing I’d recommend, which is asking for clarification. Stay polite and keep asking her for what specifically she is unhappy with - show your willingness to modify the order for a genuine reason. Then if you don’t hear back from her, contact customer support. They’ll see that you’re making an effort to help this customer, and they’re not giving you the information you need. Hopefully CS can mark the order as complete for you

Don’t let the clock run out on the modification. If you don’t get an answer back from the buyer or CS within the 3 day window, I would just “deliver” the modification using the original order you’ve already completed. You can write a note about how you’ve been unable to complete a modification without further instruction etc.

This buyer may be trying to get a free order from you, although usually buyers with this in mind will request a cancellation rather than a modification.

Good luck!

Deliver the order again. Also you can see a green dot if he is online but not replying then contact Fiverr Support immediately.

I would message on the order and say. Thank you for your feedback. I am not able to make modifications without specific modification requests from you. If you would like me to make modifications, please send your notes. If you don’t feel that this project is in the direct that you need, we can mutually cancel the order. I would like this project to be perfect for you.

Wait about 24 hours. If it was a 24 hour job, wait 6-12 hours. If you have not received a response, send a mutually cancellation request and send the same message. except add the statement at the end. "I look forward to working with you in the future."

You will have more success if you assume everyone is right rather than assuming everyone is trying to take advantage of you.

Thank you so much for your help. It has gotten a little crazy and as a newbie I wasn’t sure what to do.

Be careful. Let me explain why modification is a seller’s friend. If you sent her the completed work and they are not satisfied, make sure they use the modification button. If they don’t use the modification button but instead ask for changes by a regular message, they can ding your rating even if you cancelled. But if the project is in modification mode and the gig is cancelled, they can’t rate you.