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Buyers not accepting offers

I have recently delivered a product to a buyer, but they haven’t said anything or accepted the offer since I sent them the product. I have reminded them repeatedly to accept the offer or give revisions, but they have done neither. I delivered the product a little less than a week ago and have seen that the buyer has been online since the delivery. Prior to the delivery, I sent them the logo to see if it was what they wanted and asked for revisions or additions to the art, but they didn’t respond so I delivered the work just before the due date. How do I deal with this? Could they have taken my product and run or is this a bug?


Did you deliver through the order page? After 3 days of no reply, the order is automatically completed…

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If buyer is not accepting delivery, it will automatically complete after 3 days. So don’t worry about this.

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Okay, thank you! I’ve only been on Fiverr for a couple months and no one has done this before, so this eases my mind.


Hi, I am a little confused! Did the buyer accept your order before you did the work for him? or Did you send him work before he accepted the order?

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Yes, so long as you delivered properly it is on the buyer to dispute. Otherwise after 3 days, it is theirs.

They may have some pressing emergency (like a new Trump post on Tweeter) but the very sad reality is that many ppl will simply ignore you the moment they got what they wanted. Terrible manners that make you less eager/able to serve them next time but their foresight is so short they can’t see the end of their own nose as they chew it off.


You submit your good work After 3 days of No Reply, The order is automatically completed

Same thing applicable to me :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried: