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Buyers Not Approving Orders

Is anyone experiencing buyers not approving orders or leaving feedback of late?

The lack of feedback I can deal with, because I know they aren’t obligated to leave one, but what I’m dealing with now more than anything are buyers not approving orders, and Fiverr has to automatically approve it three days later.
I can understand this happening occasionally, and definitely expect it from long-term repeat customers. But it’s been happening ALOT lately and I’m starting to wonder what the buyers are seeing on their end when a delivery is made. Is Fiverr not making it obvious enough to the buyers that they should approve an order? I don’t know.

For my graphic design gigs, the clients HAVE to approve to get the Fiverr watermark removed. But for my other gigs, people just take the file and peace out.


Yes , yes and yes. Do you put in your delivery message something like … " If you feel like leaving some kind words…this helps my gig to thrive…

When any order is automatically mark you donot get feedback forever…

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I’ve never done that before because I don’t want them to feel pressured and I don’t know if it’s against TOC.

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Yep, if they didn’t even stop to approve the order they certainly won’t return to leave a review.

As long as you don’t ask them specifically for a review I think your ok.
When was the time you left feedback on Amazon?
Or Amazon reminded you to rate your experience?
Or what ever the equivalent to Amazon is in other countries.

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I usually leave review for anything I like on Amazon. And yep, Amazon annoys the crap out of me to rate and review things lol

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