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Buyers not completing requirements fully!

I have had so many buyers who purchase my Gig and do not give me the three requirements I need. When I deliver the order, they always mark it as needing to be redelivered because they need me to change one of the requirements they never gave me. I even added a multiple choice on my Gig requirements saying “I understand that if I did not provide an image, extension name, or an extension description, placeholders will be used and I will need to change them after delivery.” They either select I provided all the information or I am fine with using placeholders and I will need to change them myself. I made a PDF file that I attach to my Gig deliveries that includes a detailed guide on how to do it themselves. Yet buyers still ask for a redelivery and it takes time to go back and edit the project again. Does anyone else have similar problems and/or a solution?

So from what I understand, your problem is that buyers will not fill out all the requirements, or not describe what they need in enough detail. That’s always annoying.

What I would do, is to contact the buyer after they placed the order, and ask, politely, but firmly, to provide the instructions you need. It seems you have been putting a lot of effort into this, but in my experience simply asking them manually will help in most cases.

If it still turns out to be a problem I would stop including revisions, and make it clear that they have to pay for any changes. Making it clear from the get-go that it’s gonna cost them money if they don’t provide proper instructions helped me when I had this experience.

In my gig requirements I inform them that any need for changes due to lack of instructions will be charged for.

Since the Revision-button can be abused anyway, no matter what you do, you can’t always avoid this, but it made it less of a problem for me anyway.

Best of luck! :slight_smile: