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Buyers not from USA


Lately, I’ve been inundated with messages from Buyers claiming to be from the USA. However, their extremely poor English writing skills suggest otherwise. And they ask generic questions like, “Tell me so much for your business.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to work with non-English speakers, and I’ve had many, but I won’t work with Buyers who deceive me right from the start. Any suggestions for how to respond to them?




I rejected some of those as their communication skills were to low. You can avoid tons of problems by not working with them.
This are by the way buyers who operate from the well know countries with the biggest population of deceptive sellers and buyers. They do this mainly because their location has a very bad reputation already.


I agree. I don’t mind buyers with broken English too much but when their profile says they are from U.S., and are obviously lying, I do not want their business, and they are always only $5 orders anyway. They can cause an unimaginable amount of problems too from everything from misunderstanding what I sent them, not being able to read what I send them and much more.


Exactly! Absolutely not worth the money.


Remember that the US is only 5% of the world’s population. Don’t limit yourself to English only! Adapt to the situation, learn to understand the broken English and help the buyer along.

The key in business today is to adapt to the situation, otherwise you lose. That’s how we built our business over years. We never imagined doing business in Asia, but now we do. (sorry, not through fiverr)

Keeping an open mind is also very important. So many are closed minded to other countries and languages. You’ll be surprised once you open your mind to other languages and try to understand. English is not the only language in the world.


I have wonderful buyers from all countries but the ones with broken English claiming to be from the USA are what we are talking about. I have very few with broken English who do not claim to be from the USA actually. Most buyers of mine from any country have perfect English.


I also do 95% of my business in Asia and also not through Fiverr. My client’s English is utterly bad, but as a work around I build especially for them an entire data base what first corrects all the errors they make and keep making. After everything has run through it I start my work for them.

However, when I notice that it is impossible to communicate clearly with a buyer here on Fiverr I let them know that we are not a good match and advise them to look for another seller. In one case they didn’t even understand this and kept sending me messages, until I just wrote them ‘I will not work for you!’. I believe at that point they found their dictionary and they understood.

Just lately I had a big order from India. The communication went very well. So, I surely don’t mind doing business in every country. But if the communication doesn’t work, problems will follow very very fast.


My post is about responding to the flood of Buyers pretending to be from the USA.

btw - I’m not close minded, nor am I an arrogant english speaker like you’ve implied. I simply refuse to do the business dance with a partner who steps on my foot before the music even starts.

Eventuele suggesties voor het reageren op slecht gedrag ?


Don’t feel obliged to defend yourself. You’re in business and you can refuse a customer you feel will deceive you, as is the case with Buyers pretending to be from the USA. The Fiverr business environment is like no other in history, and to apply a matrix that worked for someone 20 years ago is absurd.


Tell them to order gigs.
If you do not want then release.

This is a market and you could viral anytime

There are thousands of buyers scamer, I just ignore things that take a lot of time with little money


Je spreekt Nederlands?

I totally get your point. The relationship between both parties shouldn’t start with a lie. If they lie about little things already, what will they capable of doing when problems arise.


that was a good one!


Not all USA people speak English… Some speak Spanish, Some French…etc


It seems to be their operating model for all they do on fiverr.
As if not only they lie about their country but about every other possible thing whether large or small, in every dealing, as though any other way is completely unknown to them. They will then lie to get the five bucks back.