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Buyers not interested after dealing


I have been on Fiverr for about a year and I must say it’s been interesting so far that some clients are very friendly with communication and finalize the deal & get offer from me. But later he disappears from the chat… no reply no communication… how could i connect them so engage in future.


Your buyer may be deleted the conversation.


don`t know but they wont reply after lot pitches messages.


People make the mistake of contacting past buyers repeatedly. Let me tell you that doesn’t do anything to build a relationship. And it can get you reported for spamming. If they want something and were pleased with what you did last time, then they will be back. Trust in your ability.


Yeah i can understand trust is more powerful tool to build relation but New Clients who is satisfied with communication is still in doubtfully situation for agree for work.
previous client is not hesitate to work again they feel comfort work with if they get better services & solutions…
I have many repeatedly satisfied clients.


Do not have long conversations with anyone until they actually buy your gig. Answer about three questions then stop.

There are some who waste your time without intending to buy.


What those three questions ? @misscrystal


Let them ask only about three questions. I don’t know what they will ask.

Do not have very long conversations with them.