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Buyers not messaging me back

So lately i’ve been doing pretty well on fiverr, and im really happy about that, usually when a buyer messages me I respond almost instantly, but after that the buyer usually responds after an hour or so, and thats not a problem, im kind of used to that by now, but for the past few days 5 buyers have messaged me, and as always I respond almost instantly, but none of the 5 buyers have responded for about 6 days, and I am starting to worry a little bit because I dont know am I doing something wrong, or is fiverr glitching out and they cant see my messages? I would aprecciate some help! :smiley:


I hope you should ask for a fiverr support

That would be a waste of time support ticket.

Receiving messages that end up nowhere happens on the platform. Prospective buyers might start a conversation then change their mind and decide to go with someone else, do it themselves, cancel their project, quit the platform, become a monk, etc…

Or it could simply be spammers or lonely people filling your message box with no intention of ever placing an order. Who knows.


The past week or so I’ve received many messages - but most of them have very little to do with any of my gigs. It might be the case for you as well - there seem to be a lot of lost ‘newer’ buyers on site recently. Or, they changed their minds/aren’t interested anymore.

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I love your responses on the forum! :joy:

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