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Buyers not rating my services

Very few percentage of buyers are rating my services. Some of those buyers are even repeat customers so I wonder why they wouldn’t rate the service. They wouldn’t repeat purchase if they were not satisfied right? More than having positive marks on my profile, I really need to know if the buyers are satisfied or not with my service. By experience, what would you suggest the best way of letting the customer know that rating matters to us?


Do you remind buyers when delivering your orders to leave you a review?

You can say something such as “Please remember to rate this service to aid me with future customers!” Or offer a simple freebie in exchange for a review (e.g. an additional 10 UPC… or something related to your gig [Which I am not too sure of]).

Hope this helps!

I do add up a message saying them not to forget rating the service. But still they don’t. I have to wait 3 days for the order to be marked completed automatically and no review. But thank you for the input. The freebie idea is a good one. But I am not sure if it complies with fiverr TOS.

I always love buyers who leave reviews but yes I have dozens of buyers too who don’t leave reviews… maybe they don’t have the time or something… I guess all we can really do as sellers are to remind them when we deliver to leave a review if they loved the work. hehe!

I always send a message along with delivery and request them to rate.

Reply to @consumerholding: Not all buyers like to leave feedback, it’s just the way the world works. It doesn’t matter if it’s important to you, not all buyers want to leave their name on something. It’s not a bad thing at all. If buyers are coming back to order more gigs, then you have done a good job.

And no do not give away free things in exchange for ratings, that is not a good idea.