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Buyers Not Rating on Orders

Hi Everyone!

I don’t know if someone already discussed this experience, as, since a few weeks, I observed that only 70% of buyers rated my gigs and rests haven’t done this. I also understand, if a large number of buyers will not rate on my gigs, then it can effect on my profile. I know buyers are happy because a few of them did multiple orders as well.

I want to know if there is any solution to encourage buyers to rate a gig, I usually request them to rate the gig, but somehow they’re not giving.


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70% is great, no reason to complain.

Fiverr reminds buyers to leave a rating, and they do it twice, so if a buyer doesn’t rate the order after that, it’s typically because they don’t want to, and trying to force them would only annoy them.


Thank you for the response on experience! I really don’t know about that Fiverr reminds buyers for twice time, thanks for acknowledging.