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Buyers Not Rating ....?

i am facing some problems, as I am completing my orders efficiently but few buyers are not giving their feedback on completion due to which my rating is going down with every order I complete, and don’t have feedback on it, and this is making trouble for met getting the new orders


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It is up to a buyer as to whether they wish to leave a review or not.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to leave it and move on.


but that effect the sellers profile, alot

This is not a problem, you’ve already been paid and you aren’t owed a review. There are many reasons as to why a buyer might not leave a review but none concern you.

That’s just dramatic.

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Your profile is fine. You have all 5 star reviews.

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but on our profiles, it only shows how many 5 Stara are there not all 5 Starts

how you will explain if someone has done with 20 orders and only 10 orders are at 5 Stars and rest 10 orders buyers just didn’t respond and order got marked complete after three days, so in mean the over all rating is 50 % on the profile.
what you think about it?

Suggest you concentrate on building your business so that you will get more orders and then the chance to get more reviews.

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I have no idea what you mean. You have 7 5 star reviews showing on your gigs and the same total showing on your profile.

yes this is what exactly i am concerned about, as you saw 7 5 Stars on my profile, but in actual i have 15 orders completed on my profile and to those 8 orders buyer didn’t give rating, and in my over all profile rating its show me my over all rating is 50 %, did you got it or still not?

This is what CS told me about reviews.

Buyers don’t know that.

See my post above and concentrate on building your business.

If you type “Percentage of buyers leaving ratings” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.

Will leave this with you.

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so i am to learn more about these kind of questions ans answers,
but there is another questions rises,
negative feedback’s are for your learning to find out whats goes wrong, ?
no feed back leads to … no where?
Positive feedback’s are to encourage ?
see , when client accepts the delivery of your orders , there must be an mechanism to improve the machine learning to improve the feedback system,

Your rating can’t go down because soeone didn’t text a review for your finished order. It can go down because of many oter reasons, but never because a buyer wasn’t able or simply didn’t want to leave a review.

Many buyers don’t leave reviews, and don’t even mark orders as complete, but this is normal, and it doesn’t affect our rates. My own experience tells, that almost 40% of buyers can go without a review and this is absolutely normal, but again - it has never affected my ratings

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That’s what I thought at first but I think the OP is referring to the percentage of orders that are shown as rated in the Analytics page.

I think this is the answer!

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@lloydsolutions yes, that makes sense. And anyway - the rules were made for everyone, and it makes in the same way for every freelancer, so when we think that something is wrong with the platform, we should just forget about it and keep working

What difference does it make? No buyer owes you a review and you can’t coerce people into reviewing you, so what is the point in asking this question?

This shouldn’t be in the rant category because no one has wronged you.

So if you had a store and people walked in, bought something but didn’t praise you on their way out, you’d be sad?

That makes almost no sense.

I think you are dwelling on this.

However you came here for help, so let me offer you some:

You should focus on the customer experience.

You say it is exceptional and yet no one seems to jump at a chance to rate your service.

That says a lot.

I have a 82% of rated orders and I focus on the customer experience more than anything else.

Do 18% of my clients don’t bother to submit a review? Sure.

Do I feel bad about it? No.

You can still get orders even if you don’t get that many reviews.


Why is it strange to you that a lot of people don’t review? Why do you find it suspicious?

People review because they want to, not because they feel they owe it to you (they don’t).

Do you leave a review for every business you buy from and do so every time you buy?

Exactly. He seem to think that buyers should feel obligated to review him to help his business.

Imagine if he put this energy into growing his business and making it exceptional.

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