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Buyers not reading

Time and time again I get buyers who seemed to not have so much as read the description, or even the title of my gigs and then proceed to contact or even place an order for something I can not do. Then if they had placed an order, it has to be cancelled.

Example: My gig title says I’ll review your mobile app and my description goes into detail about that. Then a person going to place an order asking you to create or modify an android app (Wish I knew how to do that).

I know orders like these can be mutually cancelled and thus won’t count against you but still, it irks me when I get all mentally prepared to take on a new order then only to find out it’s a dud.

Or Imagine getting a high volume of orders or messages and you’re wasting time having to deal with persons who simply have not read your gig.


Hey … one solution could be a video explainer… or … try and make your FAQ as specifc and descriptive as possible… and you could also add a informal pdf when starting the order. I solved many of my communication issues doing that. Best of all , Radu

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I added a required response asking the buyer to confirm that they’ve read and understand the gig description in its entirety.

I’m sure a few will just mindlessly click through, but that’s at least one more barrier they have to go through to make sure they understand what they’re doing.

This is an issue that’s been going on as long as I’ve been a Fiverr member, and it’s frustrating. It’s especially frustrating when a cancellation has to be done, and not fair to the seller.

I think a video explainer, as previously mentioned, is a good idea too. All you can really do is put as many blocks in place as you can to make sure buyers are understanding what you offer.

Good luck!

It is frustrating. For example, Fiverr allows buyers to buy more than one package. So if your premium package is 15 whatever for $15, you might end up with a $60 order you didn’t want in the first place. Then you have to refund that order. So your buyer is angry, your listing placement may change, and everything turns to crap.

Also, somethings aren’t easy to explain in the gig description. How do you write “I don’t want $60 orders!” without sounding like an a-hole? “Please limit orders to the quantities stated in each package.” Maybe.

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I have this problem too, but not on my more expensive gig which starts at $45. I also have a set of questions on that gig and they always read that one and also read the questions and answers.

On my $5 gig they don’t even read the one sentence message in the requirements section.

Some buyers don’t even the read the words written in capital to Contact before ordering and place order with incomplete info or knowledge then argue that we mislead them where as it was their ignorance.
It’s a simple concept when you go to shop to buy anything you Contact the seller even if you know what it is you’re buying just to be sure.

If the buyers here become this conscious a lot of cancellation will be avoided


I faced similar situation today.

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If only there was a pop up that appears when the order button is clicked, that tells the buyer to confirm that they have read the gig’s description. And if they click yes, yet afterwards request something your description says is not provided, then you could cancel the order and/or remove a review without any penalties to ratings or cancellation rate.

Crystal’s note makes sense. The more expensive the service is, the more carefully a buyer will read the description.


If the Information is presented to them in writing and they’re unwilling to so much as read, I doubt it will be any better with the video. I’ve had messages from persons who seemed not to have even read the gig title properly at all.

I’ve wanted to do a video explainer but I’d want it to be done somewhat professionally. However, I can’t yet.