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Buyers not responding after delivery

I have 4 buyers right now that have not responded after order was delivered. This has been over a week ago now. 4 buyers! Can some one please tell me, is this normal? Orders have been marked completed already automatically by the system.

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Everyone is different, but I usually get about a 75% to 80% response rate, and I don’t send a message or ask for a rating. Recently someone posted because he had ONE buyer not leave a rating, the first time it had happened to him in over 600 orders! I told him nearly 100% response was not the norm, as far as I could tell from what people have posted.

Some buyers like to wait & be sure they are satisfied with whatever they bought, some buyers just won’t leave a review no matter what. It is what it is!

Reply to @celticmoon: Yes, 80% seems about right in my case as well. And to answer the OP @bringme2life, it is quite normal to have buyers wait a long time before a response, so I doubt it has anything to do with you personally or the quality of your work. As I have read countless times here, be glad you were able to deliver on time and just move on.

That’s common. Many buyers come after 6 or so months and then rate you poor.

Some buyers even never come back.

Some buyers also just purchase and forget the gig and fail to update the order page.

Different folks, different strokes. :slight_smile:

Nothing to worry about. It happens.

Yeah, I also have a few of them. I was freaking at first, hoping they weren’t unhappy and ready to leave bad feedback. But after 3 weeks went by, I decided to let it go. I do my best at my gigs, and I am polite. I also send 1 reminder to please leave good feedback if they are happy, and if they are not for any reason, let me know and I will make it right! There is not much else you can do.

Good Luck!

Well for customers this site is not logical. I’ve submitted 3 tasks to 2 different people.

First time it was suddenly closed. 2 last times one time it was closed while I replied with an answer. In that case 30% of the task was done. in other case 40% was done but since I didn’t have time to reply within the 3 days (needed to evaluate the graphical style/colours) the taks was autoclosed as well. in both 2 last tasks I cannot reply or send a message to the designer while only a small part of the package is done.

fiverr appeared nice but overall its very fast work where I paid over $200 but got nothing I can use (so far)

I have a buyer who aren’t responding my messages after I send my delivery and he put it on revision it’s been weeks now. What can I do? Is there a way for me to complete the order without his response, thank you