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Buyers Not Responding why?

Why buyers are not responding i am much worried that from a month not even a single buyer is interested to work with me :frowning:
Please give me suggestion what to do


How about having a read of all the useful information there is on the forum?

Start by searching for UPYOUR.


In addition to to what @offlinehelpers told you, don’t expect any results, if you’re not going to do any work to earn them. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You are going to have to work hard if you wish to be successful. No work… no sales.


I also face this kind of problems. I think the buyers are very busy with their works. For this reason they can not reply in time. But sad thing is that we face problems when we badly need their response about their projects and Our gig time is running out. :frowning:

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Perhaps you should extend your delivery deadline, so that you have more time to obtain the information that you need from your buyers. :wink:

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: