Buyers not responding!


What will happen if buyer don’t complete the delivery because of not online?
In delivery tab, I saw it will complete in three days.
But what about the review and payment?
New seller, don’t know many things, So I ask.
Thank you!


It will automatically be marked as complete and you receive your Cheddar. This is only if the buyer doesn’t come back and ask for a refund.


I see, But I delivered what buyer asked! I’m not responsible for their “not coming online” so why should they have an option like “asking for a refund”? and what about the review?
Btw, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


Yes, it gets marked as complete automatically. The buyer can give a review even after the order gets marked as complete. It might so happen that there are revisions left but just because the order got marked as complete, the buyer might think that order is complete and he did not get what he wanted and give a negative feedback even if the seller is willing to revise the delivery. This has not happened with me but this is a possibility. What you can do is give them a heads-up one day before and let them know that as per Fiverr’s policy, the order will get marked as complete automatically.


Well if the buyer doesn’t come online you won’t get a review but you might get to keep the money


Well, at one point or the other, the buyer will come online, right?


just wait ,
but the problem is he came after 2 days then request revision them your order became late, which happens with me


Who knows, many things can happen to buyers!! :disappointed_relieved:


Nothing happens after you have already delivered, even if it becomes late it won’t affect you


The clock will stop ticking only if the order is completed (which is obvious) but not if it is merely delivered.
Example: If the delivery time frame is 1 day, and the seller delivers it within the deadline, i.e., 1 day, but if the buyer rejects the order after 2 days, the “late” sign appears on the order page.
Ideally the clock should stop ticking as soon as it is delivered and the countdown should start again (from where it stopped when delivered) when the buyer rejects the delivery. But unfortunately that is not the case.


Seller’s disadvantage :frowning:


Here’s a list of what happens-

  1. The order automatically gets marked as completed.
  2. The money is placed into the 14days waiting time to pass. (As it normally happens if the buyer leaves a review)
  3. The buyer can leave a review within 30 days from that.
  4. You aren’t stuck for the money because of the buyer’s unresponsiveness.

How to avoid negative review in these cases-

Send a message to the buyer explaining that the order was automatically marked as completed after 3 days unresponsiveness, ask him/her that if any modifications are required and to leave you a review, if he/she is happy with the delivery. :slight_smile:


Thanks! very informatic reply!