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Buyers Not Responding


My gig flow chart is:

order received

create proof and send as attachment in message

receive instruction to amend or continue

deliver work

My issue is that sometimes the customer will not respond with regards to the proof and I am left waiting which makes the gig late.

Does this affect my stats being late when it is clearly not my fault.

Any tips on how to avoid this happening would be appreciated.


I wouldn’t pre-deliver unless I really wasn’t sure what they wanted.

Deliver the gig with your work. Include a statement like "Thanks for your order. Let me know if any adjustments need to be made. I would like it to be perfect for you!


All revisions are delivered with a different statement. "Thanks for allowing me to make adjustments to your project. Let me know if any additional adjustments need to be made. I would like it to be perfect for you!


This should prompt them to communicate with you if they need adjustments.

Try to not let them be a big part of your work flow. They are not paying as close of attention to the system messages as we are.

Let me know if I can help with anything else?


Maybe the buyer thinks the proof is the delivered work.

Does your gig specifically state your workflow and that you offer a set number of revises or something?

My suggestion is that if you send the buyer a proof and a polite email to ask them if they would like any changes, and then you do not hear back. At the end of the time of your gig, just send them the completed delivered work of the same file as the proof. Then your problem is solved.


When I send a proof, it has a watermark across the whole of the page. It can’t be missed and the accompanying message tells them to proof read etc etc.

Do you suggest that I deliver with the watermark on it and then redeliver once they approve the artwork?

Does it go against me if all my work is then redelivered?

I would say 95% of the time my process is fine, but I have an order outstanding now for 5 days. It says late by 2 days and it’s not my fault. I don’t want to keep sending emails to the customer.

So frustrating.

I think I might just delivery this order without the watermark and take it from there.

Thanks for your help so far.


Reply to @lucasfreeman: Yes, that is exactly what I was trying to suggest. Just send the order without the watermark.

If you are sending a proof with a watermark via a message before the due date and you do not hear back from a buyer, then you simply deliver a final file without the watermark in time before the job has ended. How are you sending them a proof to review?

If someone has an issue after a job is officially delivered and they need a modification, they can request a modification after the job has ended, so don’t be worried about that part.