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Buyers Note: Why Are The Scammers Overshadowing The Gurus?

I have read a lot about fiverr outside this forum and to be frank, majority of buyers are saying a lot about their sojourn here. Many report of being scammed, low quality services and so on. And to be frank we have a lot of people here on fiverr offering very low quality gigs only few are actually smart and professional in their field.My advice goes to

  1. BUYER - Converse and understand fully what the seller offers especially in the marketing niche. Make good customers and ac-line to one you know his/her service is good. And to the

  2. Fiverr community - please what are you ding to scrutinize unprofessional/Low quality gigs? Please do something! Maybe sellers undergoes tests or something. Buyers please advice the Fiverr community

Thanks. Guru Marketer Cares.

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and here we wait for good buyers

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You hear the complaints only but don’t hear about the vast majority of buyers who are delighted and overjoyed with what they are getting. A few people are complaining. They do not speak for most fiverr buyers who have had great experiences.


I engage with buyers who have been “scammed” on a lot of forums and they mainly fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Those with unrealistic expectations
    eg. Bought: Translation of 5000 words for $5 - seller does a quick google translate job.
    Bought: Writing of 5000 words for $5 - seller copies and pastes from somewhere
    This is there own fault as they are cheapasses who expect the world for nothing. These types are usually the loudest

  2. Those who are idiotic
    eg. Bought: Unlimited traffic for $5 - Buyer complains that they got no conversions
    Bought: SEO services “guaranteeing” number 1 on Google after 30 days - Seller delivers and after 30 days there is no improvement.
    These buyers have no idea what they are buying, are too lazy/incompetent to check out what they are buying or are just cheapasses. You could also characterize these buyers as having SUPER-Unrealistic expectations.

  3. Those who have been genuinely done out of money.
    eg. Paid someone to create a website or something else.
    Seller delivers with some excuse about needing more time, wanting to wait and see or some other kinda reasonable reason. Buyer doesn’t know that after 3 days the order is automatically accepted.
    I find very few who have actually been properly scammed. They could have avoided this by reading the ToS, communicating with the seller better and finally, and most importantly, they should have carried out due diligence and understand that buying anything, anywhere is a risk but buying online through a third party where there is no way of contacting the actual seller - is more risky and therefore requires more diligence.

IMO - Category 1 deserve what they get.
Category 2 will not bother reading this, or any advice so also deserve what they get.
Category 3 need to take this scamming as a lesson and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Of course, all of these buyers, and the Fiverr community, would be better served by contacting Customer Support and explaining their experience in a clear, concise way with screenshots. Unfortunately, instead they post on forums which doesn’t help anyone. Those who are diligent enough to read forums will also read up on how to successfully use Fiverr and so the complaints/horror stories have absolutely no effect.


Superb points eoin. Buyers need to be realistic considering the prize and not whin for the bad quality of service when they expect unlimited traffic for 30 days for just $5 like you said.

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In as much as we agree that there are people who deliver low-quality jobs on Fiverr, there are also people who do high quality and standard jobs, especially when the Buyer knows what h/she wants and provides a good pay as well. So, there is no need sounding as if Fiverr is the worst platform, except it’s a case of checking out competition. My counsel to the Buyers would be, Fiverr is still one of the best and more affordable places to get a good job, know what you want and carefully explain it to the Seller. In specific terms give your specifications and insist on it until you are satisfied with it, if not, always feel free to ask for cancellation and refunds. Thanks

Fiverr Seller cares.

I agree. You have to pay the right fee for the right job. Expecting the earth for $5 is walking into a problem. Paying a good rate for a job well done is the formula for success.

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Avoid Scammers!!

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In my opinion the rating feature should help distinguish the good sellers from the bad ones, but it happens that whenever a buyer cancels a gig he/shecan’t leave a rating. As a consequence, those bad sellers who get a lot of cancellations can still keep their rating records good, and stay undistinguishable from the good sellers. At the end, this is harming Fiverr’s trustworthiness as a place to hire people.

Yes i agree with you but be honest when buyers are looking for page one ranking only spending $5 or $10 its sure they throwing their money into the drain with earthquake kind of work done by seller

I think a big part of the issue here is the sheer volume of sellers in most every category. fiverr is in a tough spot to try and provide a way for all of us to get a fair share of the search results but also to manage tons and tons of seller accounts. I think the only choice they have is to deal with scamming and low quality complaints on a case by case basis.

What other option is there? Before you answer that, have you considered all the variables for a system to be fair for every circumstance? Its just simply not possible. The sad reality is, the sellers and buyers here need to do a large amount of governing themselves but really, how different is that from any other market out there in the world?

At least here on fiverr, reviews tend to speak for themselves. Buyer beware is true in every market and in my experience, the quality services and products are usually the ones that rise to the top and stick around.

Exactly Eoinfinnegan!
I recently got an absurd offer from a buyer (15 articles, 1000 words per article for $10!) Although I am new here, I had to turn it down.

I know I will never get an award for being political correct, therefore I shouldn’t react to this.


But however, Fiverr doesn’t have a good name and I absolutely don’t advertise my gigs outside of the platform. In a NSFW comparison it’s like a high priced callgirl admits that she is also working behind the train station.


Good grief. I don’t know any professional writer who would do that level of work for that low of a price, considering by the time Fiverr and payoneer take their cuts you’d be left with about six bucks, if you’re lucky!