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Buyers only looking experience persons

Hi anyone, I join Fiverr approx 1 month ego. I feel that here every buyers just looking only good rating profiles. But new seller is so disappointed due to no orders. Many new sellers have great skills and so expert in our work. But due to no rating no feed back thay have no order.

That’s not always true.
It is indeed harder to start but even experienced sellers were also starting at some point. They are where they are right now because of their hard work.

If you have a great portfolio clients will always want to order from you even if you don’t have that many reviews. All in your hands. Stop looking at others and start building your profile and your business.


Yeah you right. But new sellers profile not appear on the first page when buyer search anything. only Old sellers profiles appears so how aspect new seller get order easily.

That’s also just an excuse :wink:

Old sellers also once didn’t have reviews and also were at the last pages but they did manage to earn their place.

Nothing comes easy :woman_shrugging: You always need to do your best and not only sitting and waiting


New sellers beg for work and moan about how unfair life is. Old sellers get orders because they don’t. It is that simple.


Nothing new, everyone that need a service would prefer to work with someone with experience.

Not always true.
Some buyers do filter for new sellers, probably because they are cheaper.


I think My rate is minimum as compare to Market.