Buyers Order and After Delivering They Cancel the Order


Hi , Yesterday a Buyer sent me a pic on my " Low-poly Gig " and i delivered it to him after 9 hours. Then now he said that his account was hacked etc etc and wants to cancel the order. I’m not worried that i delivered the order it’s just that it was my first ever Order on Fiverr and i’ve read that Order Cancellation gives you a Negative Rating etc.

So much for the New-year start :frowning:

My new-year started from a negative thing. :confused:


check out my post yesterday.


Thank you RACHELBOSTWICK & rocks_design :slight_smile: !!! The Cancellation was from the buyer’s side. I accepted it and it said " Mutual Cancellation " !!!

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


Yes, mutually cancellation doesn’t hurt to your rating. Please force him to do that his end. Not from your end.


Mutually-agreed upon cancellation doesn’t hurt your rating. Don’t stress about it. Sorry that happened on your first sale. That really sucks.


how i come to know that i have order? i am new in fiverr.