Buyers Order Extending with new revision


Hi Friends,
I need help here. I have an order at present for $7 to be delivered within 1 day. I have done so as per requirement. But before I proceed with delivery just wanted to make sure my work is correct. But referring the work, Buyer requested some revision mentioning my work need some more changes.
While checking found, those are actually not part of work agreement and I have not made those changes online.
Meantime, this work is postponed to 3rd day now.
What do I do now? Looks like it will drag few more days and happening purposefully. I don’t want to spend so much time just for $7.
Please help me, what to do now. Can I cancel the order, if Yes and I do so - what will be my impact?

Thanks all.


Any advice please…


When you deliver or re-deliver, in the notes with the delivery, make a note like this…

  • A Note On Revisions
    A revision if required is not a re-do or re-take of the whole …
    But partial change of a passage, phrase, word.
    …etc etc

It stops buyers using revisions just to get free variations. Change this to fit your service


Excellent ! I will surely follow this notes. Thank you Steve


Hello, yes you can cancel the order and it will affect your analytics.

Or you could message the buyer and tell him the revision is not part of what was ordered and refuse to do it.


Surely I will do that, but don’t want to affect my analytics. :grinning:
Thank you.


Then tell him what you said here, that it’s not part of the order and he needs to place a new order to get something different.


Good new is - Buyer appreciated a lot with my work and given some tips as well ! :money_mouth_face:
Main part - he was unsure how to complete the delivery as this was his first order in Fiverr. So I helped him and ensured he completed the delivery.
Thank you all for your guidance. It will help a lot in feature.