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Buyers order multiple gigs with the same delivery time



I’m a content writer. I offer to deliver one article in 2 days. But sometimes the buyers order multiple articles with the gig’s default 2 day delivery. It is practically impossible to complete, say 10 articles in 2 days. Last time I requested for time extension.

Is there any way to increase the gig delivery time when buyers order multiple articles in the same gig?



There is no way when buyer order multiple gig then time automatically extended.

You should send time extension request manually and buyer need to accept it.



you have offered 2 days delivery time for 1 article and if you received any multiple order on one gig you must deliver the first article within 2 days to maintainer your deliver on time level but you should discuss with the customer about the delivery time of all articles … no need to request for extension.


No. You can edit the delivery time but it won’t just be for when a buyer/buyers order multiple copies of the gig. You can set a limit on the number of in-progress orders you can have for that gig though (“limit orders in the queue” in the “gigs” page.


That´s one of the things I totally don´t get. It´s a perk of higher levels even, that buyers are able to tick more multiples - what is the thought process behind that, that while moving through the levels, we unlock 72-hour days and the ability to never need to sleep or eat? :wink:

I heard they did something about this issue for the VO people, so I hope it’s somewhere high up on the list for writing & translation. I can’t even imagine it being a big problem, as there are other things we can limit in drop downs as well.

Perhaps put it up in “site suggestions”, I did, some time back, and also posted it in some other relevant thread back then, questions for the podcast or something, but who knows, perhaps a new thread will draw attention to this still being an issue.