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Buyers order not showing on my account?



I got my first order on Fiverr yesterday, buyer even showed me a screen shot of the order completed in Paypal.

The problem? Well its not showing on my account, its not showing under revenue, orders, manage orders?

I’ve sent support a message but I’m yet to get a response.

The buyer also claimed that he had difficulty multiple times putting the payment through? Apparently it kept getting cancelled. But this time it gone through as confirmed on screen shots.

Apparently it said processing, fiverr will email him on his order.

Thanks guys


Did you receive an email conifrming the order?

Perhaps if you contact CS and ask as well that would be a good idea. Please don’t start work until you’ve got an order with requirements etc.


No email confirmation was received.

I could see this causing big problems in the long run. As i offer 24 hour delivery services orders would already be late right now, before the order has even came through to me. If it had been on a 24 hour delivery service like the rest.


Unless you haven’t already, check also by not clicking the dashboard icon but going through Selling > Orders. There’s a bug some people reported, they didn’t know about a new order until they got dinged for being late, because they only check(ed) the dashboard, where it didn’t show up.

If it’s not there either, yes, contact customer support.

Contact customer support either way, actually, as you should have received a notification (but check your notification settings first, I’m not sure if the default is on or off) and they should know about the order not showing up on the dashboard even if it’s under orders and fight that bug.


Thanks Miiila, I have already checked through Selling > Orders and it just says “No new orders to display”.

I contacted support last night but still awaiting a reply from them. Do you have any idea how long it usually takes to get a reply from support? Just don’t want my first order to be late :wink:


Ah, too bad. Reaction time differs, usually, I get a (real) reply (after the first automated ‘we received your ticket’ one) within 24 hours max, often as fast as within a few hours.
But like with us sellers, their workload can differ, for example when there were UI changes as recently, I imagine they get more requests than usual.

That’s problematic of course when your deadline of your non-existant order is close or past :sweat_smile:. Hope it will go well!

You said your buyer sent you PayPal screenshots… If it was me, I’d actually have sent you fiverr dashboard Screenshots, containing the order number, so if it doesn’t show on his dashboard either, he might have been billed but without an order actually having been created, so you might be lucky.

If he has a Fiverr order number (they look like #F1234567), he can create a ticket as well, giving them that order number, so they can either activate that order on your side or refund him so he can order again.


Yeah it is completely understandable, i imagine the support team has an incredible work load of tickets to sort through.

Is it really a bad idea to start on the customers order before it actually comes through on my account? I think i would only be risking my own time? which would probably be worth while.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Depends. It is risky, especially as you don’t know the buyer yet. Fiverr recommends to not work without an order.
If it’s a quick job and would be your first order, it might be worth the risk, though.

Whatever happens, do not agree to send anything to the buyer per email, to do the payment through PayPal directly, anything of that sort. I might be carrying coals to Newcastle, but if you look around the forum a while, you’ll see why. :wink:


Yes you make a good point. I did offer to start work on the order directly yesterday evening but the buyer said he was happy to wait. He did submit screen shot evidence of the order processing on his account so i was happy to risk my time, just to avoid a late delivery :slight_smile:

Will definitely not complete any payments outside of fiverr, i appreciate my account staying online :wink:

I sent the support request last night but got no confirmation today of them receiving the message. I did hit the back button on my browser so figured it probably didn’t send. So i tried sending a second ticket today and it just redirects me to this page after clicking submit.

Do you think my tickets are sending? I assume fiverr is fully compatible across browsers with Google Chrome?


Fiverr support says Fiverr is optimized for and recommends using Chrome.
Unless you get some problem, then they usually recommend clearing cache and cookies first and using a different browser if that won’t work. :wink:

Go to your profile pic on the dashboard and click help (maybe you’ll need to click yourself through the help center to get to the actual help URL, I don’t remember). You might have to log in again separately (I think I had to once and subsequently was logged in automatically, like when you click the forum from the community dashboard menu).
You should be able to see all your tickets and the status (open, closed, awaiting your answer) there.

Careful with sending too many tickets for the same issue, that might be labeled as spam, some people managed to get suspended from being able to send tickets even.

Yeah, and the buyer saying he doesn’t mind waiting, sounds like a good sign, of course.

Did you get an automated “we received your ticket, approximate response time is…” kind of email to your ticket? Check your spam folder and everything, too. That first automated response should come pretty much right after sending a ticket.


I don’t think my support tickets are going through miiila but I’m not 100% sure if they are going through. So i don’t want to open another and get suspended for spam messages.

Is this the right place for my tickets? Because if so nothing is showing up here?

I haven’t received any automated email for the ticket i submitted yesterday or the ticket submitted today?


My advice would be to tweet to Fiverr support as it seems as though your messages aren’t being seen.



Seems they don’t get through then. Tweeting might be an idea, you can also try sending a mail to
Response time supposedly is slower than to tickets though, so maybe rather try tweeting.


This is all very strange. Buyers are having problems placing orders, buyers orders not showing up on dashboard. Support tickets not going through.

I did forget and left my VPN on during account registration, you think it could have caused some kind of limitation?

edit finally got a support ticket to go through by using Firefox. Seem’s the tickets wasn’t working through Chrome.


I guess that’s possible, there are issues sometimes like people getting some CloudFlare notification or getting caught in a loop of having to click street signs and shop fronts…

If you want to rather use Chrome, you can try with clearing cache&cookies, re-installing… oh and some add-ons can cause issues too, notoriously ad-blockers. Perhaps you have something active there that you don’t use on firefox.