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Buyers ordering $5 gig after custom offer

Hey everyone! I’ve got an issue. For the past couple of weeks ive had buyers message me about custom orders and pricing, only to buy my gig for $5 as a way of forcing me to do it. I’ve had to cancel many orders and even had to get Fiverr involved with one of them because the guy refused to mutually cancel. (He asked me to do a review video for $10 only to buy the gig for $5 the next day) I have put on my gig to message me first before purchasing so I know they know to do that (especially since they always message me first)
Has anyone had this happen? It incredibly infuriating.

Hello helenavixen,

Oh no, that’s really horrible. I am sorry you had to go through that. Although such a thing hasn’t happened to me yet, I really think Fiverr should make it such that your order completion stats don’t get affected when such kinda customers place an order and you have to mutually cancel.

They need to devise an effective method by which to separate situations that require genuine cancellations (like in your case) from the others.

Also, just a thought… Could increasing your basic gig price (from $5 to say – $10 or $15) be helpful in the future? Because sensible people will contact you first anyway (hopefully, because you’ve mentioned it in your gig description) and when they do, you can quote your actual price of $5 in your custom offer if you want. After you have your basic gig set to a higher price, it will keep the other kinda buyers (with whom you had a problem in the past) away!


I think this is a big problem and fiver should make a way for sellers to avoid these problems. Many buyers these days are not serious and creating a lot of problem for us. These buyers have now started a trade business .

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As mentioned by @hanshuber16, I’ve increased all my gig prices. I hate that mutual cancellations affect stats. I’d also look at the gig requirements, and make sure they have to be done before purchase, maybe add a criteria to make sure the buyer does not have a pending custom order? Just a thought. Good luck.

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It happens.

Did you know that you can send them a custom extra from the order page? For example, if they place a $5 order, but demand a $10 service, send them an offer for a custom $5 extra with a nice, professional, firm explanation. You can be very nice about it, and say that they forgot to add $5, or that it must have been a misunderstanding, but, as you’ve told them in the message (add the screenshot of the message if possible), the service actually costs…

Another thing to try would be to deliver a $5 service (if possible).

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Thank you, I decided to up the price! I appreciate the suggestion.

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I didn’t know that thank you! I’ve thought about doing that (in regards to doing a $5 service. However, I’m afraid that they’ll leave a bad review out of spite simply because I wouldn’t do as they asked. It just sucks all around lol but again thank you.

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