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Buyers ordering "by mistake" are affecting seller's rates

So this buyer ordered from me yesterday, his user name is kennedychancell
I sent him a message asking for the info to start the logo and he didn’t reply. 24 hrs later I get a notification saying buyer opened a dispute “he ordered by mistake”
I asked the buyer why he wanted to cancel and that I wanted to provide the service he paid, that everytime we cancel orders our accounts and rates get affected… and he just responded I was being rude, unprofessional and an awful seller for not letting him cancel the order :thinking: oh and that he won’t work with me again. (We never work together, he didn’t let me provide the service :sweat_smile:)
So he’s super rude, be careful.

I just told fiverr about this issue so they can cancel the order… but I know this will affect my cancellation rate and it’s not fair for us as sellers.
Fiverr is my only job and I take it seriously, these months have been hard, not getting many sales as I used to… and these buyers ordering and cancelling orders just like that, is not good for us.
I hope one day fiverr do something about this.

I design beautiful logos in case you’re interested :slight_smile: Have a nice day!


Hi @karyface1 ,
I can feel the pain.
If this happen again, I would suggest you to contact support directly and ask support team to cancel the order by them. In this way you can save your completion rate from being affected.

I contacted support and they replied hours later… the buyer contacted support also and guess what? they cancelled the order because of him, they replied to him sooner and hours later support contacted me telling me… oh i see the order is cancelled now.

Did you contact fiverr support bro?

Contact fiverr suport

what i will say about fiverr support is they are good i had experienced with them

I understand no one like when the buyer wanted to dispute or cancel the order. As for me to be honest, I once had a buyer who wanted to cancelled the portrait painting he wanted me to paint him as a game character from the “Tekken” game, even though he couldn’t provide the high quality reference I need it for portrait painting, instead, he sent the smaller and tiny photo after placed an order.

After 2 days of clock counting down, and I have to message the buyer to remind him the clock is ticking “counting down” and I’m still waiting for him to send me the better quality reference photo of himself for me to start working. This buyer can be frustrated sometime, but I understand he got things to do other than finding the photo through his hard-drive and send it over. But then, he later disputed for a cancelled, so I agreed to cancel his order for him. I wasn’t worry about losing this buyer, because most of my art made more sales on DeviantArt than Fiverr before I joined the platform. Still my sales on DeviantArt continuing to make sales, and going well with prints and thousand of copies artwork for $2.99 each on there. I decided to joining Fiverr, because I was curious to see how the sales really work here on the platform. So in the end, I can share the platform work well as a freelance for most of my fellow artists who are still struggle to earn a living for themselves.

Like I said, I can totally understand no one like losing the money working for nothing just because the buyers is unresponsive, and take days to get back to us as a sellers. You just got to have some confident and be patient with the buyers. I lost the $60 because the buyer for his being unresponsive, but I agree to cancelled and refund him his money back. This way, we can always learn our mistake and this will force the buyers walk away from our sales due to lack of professionalism, etc. This is not the only buyer we lose the money for our hard-work, because there are a still a millions of buyers out there who will interesting to purchase a gigs from you.

Wish you best of luck on your gig sales, karyface1!

Also, Sorry to say that I wouldn’t share someone’s username or their Fiverr profile on the forum if I was you.

I get it… but it’s not only losing a sale… it’s getting less exposure… everytime you cancel an order, your cancelation rate affects you and your gig is less visible

He was racist and rude… that’s why I decided to share the username