Buyers ordering wroung gigs and expecting to much


Don’t you think its frustrating when you got your gig up explained it in the best possible way but you still get those orders when they expect to much!!!

i am see an increase in orders were they will order the gig without extras then expect the extras work to be added with out paying for them as well this is costing way to much time.

buy the time you have messaged them and advised them that they have not ordered what there asking for a few days have passed i clearly sate in my gig to contact me first to ovoid confusion but they still do it there must be away to control this and stop having to cancel so many orders as this has bad rating on me as a fiverr member

is anybody else experiencing this or is it just me


I’m kinda new but i already experienced having a buyer order something I just don’t do. I messaged the buyer to explain my side but I didn’t receive any reply. A day passed and I immediately contacted support and they fixed things for me. They canceled the order but it didn’t affect my ratings :slight_smile:


yea i do the same but it does effect your rating (you check in the forum) you can be moved from levels depending on how many cancelled gigs you have


Reply to @ultraweb: Really? I didn’t know that. But when i asked support they said it’s not going to affect me at all. But I guess that’s why that cancelled gig is still on my list. How irritating. Anyway, it’s not like we can do anything about it. It’s just that some buyers don’t really bother reading gig descriptions at all.


It happens with my Wordpress gig :slight_smile:

I do two days optimization and security, performance etc… all for $5 without charging gig extras till i get 100 reviews. i give a “Featured” gig for free to all buyers. so worth more than $5 because im giving 100% same Featured gig as a bonus.

Most of my buyers buy same gig again or other gigs as a tip for my work. but some others ask for more tasks. they tell me that they are happy to buy or will by additional gigs to cover cost and my time. but after finishing their requests they don’t even add a positive feedback for my gig. just pack up and go. :stuck_out_tongue: not even a thank you message