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Buyers Perspective and Budgeting?

What will convince the buyer to buy your gig? Here we are talking about the budgeting factor only.

Being a new seller,
If I set the price low, buyer may think that I will not spend enough time on his/her work OR I might not be a professional.
If I set the price high, buyer may find it risky to invest that much on a new seller.

What should be done? Can anyone share buyers point of view on this topic.

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From a buyer’s perspective, I’ve never trusted a buyer who tried overly to convince me to buy. I need to be convinced that they can do what I need and that it will fill a gap that needs filling.

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Which also means that the price doesn’t really matter if his/her portfolio is interesting?

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You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. You know your target customers better than any of us do. What do your customers need, and how can you fill those needs? Think about those two questions, and you’ll know what you need to do to convince buyers to hire you.

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Not necessarily. I didn’t say that wasn’t a factor.

I’m just referring to the narrative. You’re talking about convincing a buyer to buy something. I’m saying that isn’t going to convert me into a buyer.