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Buyers placing all their orders on Friday night.. Yeah, I don't have a life

Why do buyers who are winding down from their week (on a Friday night) place all their orders at that time? Do they think we aren’t human who also want to wind down from our week? Instead, I have to wake up on a Saturday morning to four new orders (not ungrateful, just ranting about the timing). I am not against working on a weekend but seriously, have some consideration for the seller too. Rant over.


Because that’s when they have time?

Have you considered extending delivery times, so you don’t have to work until Monday?


Because they need it by Monday, and they know that sellers on Fiverr work weekends.

I don’t think most buyers really think about our health, nor do they have to (of course, if they are decent people, they will, but we shouldn’t count on that). It isn’t their responsibility, but I get what you are saying. I think it is annoying to get a rush order without prior discussion Saturday or Sunday morning when I am just getting ready for a fun and relaxing weekend, too.

Unfortunately, we have to accept these disadvantages as freelancers and, especially, as sellers on Fiverr where one-click ordering exists.


Fair point. It’s generally my own fault as I prefer not to let the order queue pile up. I honestly would have more anxiety leaving it until Monday, than just doing it first thing on a Saturday morning.

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Exactly why I’ve chosen to rant about it here. Only other sellers will understand my point - I don’t expect the buyers to get it (or change their behaviour).

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I was about to write exactly what @catwriter has written!

I can see that two of your three gigs have a 48 hour turnaround, and one has a 24 hour turnaround.

I made the decision about three years ago to go from offering a 48 hour service to a 72 hour one. Quite simply I needed more flexibility in my life. That extra day works miracles as if needs be, I can keep a weekend clear - although in practice I don’t. But it’s having the option that is important to me.

I can honestly say that I receive just as many orders now as I did back then (I thought some people might be put off by the longer delivery time - they haven’t been), and interestingly I would say that the quality of buyer improved. Those who are prepared to wait that little bit longer tend to be more calm and easy to work with.


Thank you for your input, that is great to know. It’s always a worry in the back of my mind about whether it will affect orders, so glad to hear that in your experience it hasn’t. I will definitely consider adding an extra delivery day.

I dont think buyer is the one to blame. Nor the seller. Buyer dont know how many order you are taking in ( as there are just ordering 1 from you) , and because of some timezone issue, they have no idea they are ordering it on Friday night (your local time).
So maybe you can set the Order limit on Friday to prevent over-stress? and have a relaxing weekend

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You make very good points! For lifestyle and health reasons, I don’t offer a 24 hour speedy service. While I could charge more for this - I simply don’t need the stress in my life.

It’s quite interesting to observe that while I would say 95% of my buyers are very accepting of my 72 hour delivery (after all they know what they are buying), I will occasionally get someone ask if I could deliver sooner after they’ve placed an order. While I will groan to myself when I see messages like this, it’s still very easy for me to deliver within 48 hours for example. So for those cheeky buyers, it feels like I’ve listened to them and they end up feeling happy.

My point being, and this is for new or desperate sellers reading this, you do not have to offer a 24 hour service to be successful. The stress it can place on you is not worth it.


I agree, thanks to you both for your inputs and advice.

I have enough already as I have a full time job as well.

Always remember that if you do make a change to your gig and you feel it isn’t working for you, you can always revert to what you were offering previously.

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I hear you! I have other work interests outside of Fiverr, which is why I need the time flexibility. Don’t be afraid to experiment and maybe offer a 72 hour service on one of your two 48 hour gigs, or a 48 hour service on your 24 hour gig…and just see what happens in terms of orders over say a month period.


A feature that I’ve wanted on Fiverr for years is the ability to have contextual pricing, where rates increase at certain times in the week (ie; Friday PM to Sunday PM).

Something we’re trialling (it could be a disaster, so this may be a short-lived experiment) is setting a reminder on my phone for about 15:00 each Friday, at which point I’m going to increase the cost of our 24 hour gig extra for all affected gigs. All of our orders are 72 hour turnaround as standard. I’m thinking that I’m going to double the price for 24 hour delivery, maybe even triple it, and hold it until Sunday evening, at which point I’ll put it back to normal.

Like others have said, people are focused on what they want/need, and us getting a weekend off isn’t of any interest to them. And I understand that - if we offer it, why should they care? But, my theory is that if you want me to stop what I’m doing on a Saturday to complete an urgent job for you, you’re going to pay a premium for it. I’m going to make some reference to it in the description and FAQs, so that buyers are aware (should they take a moment to read) that they can save money if they place an order during the week.

We’ll see how it works out.


That’s an awesome idea, please post the results of your experiment on the forum. I am sure many sellers would be interested in the outcome (good or bad).


I don’t understand the scope of this thread.

And as you all have stated above, I only buy here. I do, however, sell things on other platforms.

Some sellers come here complaining they don’t get any orders over the weekend. Some say they prefer to work on weekends and others say they work 7 days a week.

I work M - F. I freelance over the weekend. When I need something proofread, edited, cover design, etc., it’s typically over the weekend because that’s when I’m working on my side business.

I’m not going out of my way to be inconsiderate nor trying to ruin anyone’s weekend.

Gee whiz, darn if you do and darn if you don’t. Rants include:

  • “Why are buyers so inconsiderate and buy over the weekend?”
  • “Why don’t buyers place orders over the weekend?”
  • “Why buyers must contact sellers before placing orders.”
  • “Buyers, stop wasting my time and just place order.”
  • Well, it’s impossible to please everyone, so my advice to buyer:
  1. Buy when you need services.

  2. Buy it early, because you don’t want rush service. Trust me on this.

  3. Read description carefully, if it says, “Contact me prior -” then for heaven, sakes, contact the seller. If you don’t want to contact them, find someone else.

  4. If you place an order of over $20 from someone you’ve never worked with then it’s your fault.

  5. Lastly, PAY for SAMPLES!!! This is 5r, not a freaking million dollar government contract.


I used to have a 24 hour turnaround time option in all my gigs and it was genuinely hell (mostly because the majority of my buyers are from the US so they’re asleep when I’m awake, I’m awake when they’re asleep, I ask my questions during IST, they reply after 12 hours, I’m 12 hours closer to the deadline, aka recipe for pulling hair out in chunks).

It was definitely beginning to take a toll on me, so I added another 24 hours to the clock. Since then, it’s been much easier. Luckily, I don’t get a lot of work during the weekends, but yeah, if you would like your weekends to be work-free, do make it 48 or 72 hours like @english_voice mentioned.

You can also limit the orders in your queue if you’re open to experimenting with this option - if you put a cap on it, you can finish your existing orders before new ones come in. Maybe that can alleviate the strain on you as well? Good luck!


I definitely empathize with the timezone difference: most of my clients are US based as well and I am in Thailand, so I often “wake up” to new orders.

Thank you very much for the advice, I will definitely consider it.

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I get the majority of my orders from Friday night to Sunday night. I think it’s because my buyers work M-F 9-5 and then during their free time they work on their small businesses.