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Buyers Placing Order Without Contacting CONTRARY TO GIG REQUIREMENT

One my basic requirement in all Gigs is that Buyer should contact me before placing the orders & the same have been clearly mentioned in Gig Description and Requirements from Buyers

Now there are many Buyers who are placing orders without prior contact and I have to cancel there orders

Mu question is that such cancellations should not be taken against me and affect my seller rating for no fault of mine

Can anybody from Fiverr put some light on my apprehensions


I know the feeling this is the same thing that happened to me, even though in my gig it does say that you should message me first. Its such a pity that it says a lot about a buyer, I am sure if you are in the real world a buyer will just not purchase something without rationalizing if it will benefit him or her. The same thing must be done here as well if you see I cant offer a service why will you buy from me that’s just common sense, and Fiverr should not let this affect us if a buyer is not taking the time to see what services are offered from a seller.


I am working on some but some requests are not rationale giving too much of work in one gig thus cancelling the requests